St. Peters Square Tour, Rome: A Self-guided Walking Tour (Visual Travel Tours Book 65)

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With a great location in the heart of the city, the hostel gives you say access to all the main attractions. The hostel has an excellent onsite bar , clean comfortable rooms, great self catering kitchen and the staff are friendly, helpful. Here are some of my favourite things to do in Cologne on a budget and also checkout my earlier 48 hours in Cologne guide. You can feast over a treasure chest of pop art plus you can look forward to some outstanding temporary exhibitions. Cologne has a hive of flea-markets.

The best flea markets are held at Wilhelmplatz , at the South Stadium and at the horse track. Checkout our new video and guide to the hostel here. As a basic and good alternative , I also recommend the Cologne Downtown Hostel. Once a symbol of a divided city, the Brandenburg Gate is now the iconic symbol of Berlin and of the reunified Germany and should be visited on a trip to Berlin.

How to Visit 15 European Cities for less than £250/$300

Walk to Heroes Square along Andrassy Way and enjoy the fabulous architecture of this square dedicated to the memory of fallen war heroes. Eat your way through the Jewish Quarter. The area has some of the best authentic and most affordable cafes and ruin bars. At over 56 hectares in area, viewing the marvellous statues and architecture is a memorable experience. Budapest has many museums that cost very little money to enter.

Here are some of favourite things to do in Venice on a budget.

Exploring Rome & the Vatican with Through Eternity Tours

If you are foodie, then do checkout my earlier guide to my favourite cheap eats in Venice. Eat at a cicchetti bar in Venice. Cicchetti is a form of Venetian tapas or inexpensive snacks served all day in bars around the city.

St. Peter's Basilica Walking Tour in 4K

Visit the Basilica di San Marco. This famous cathedral dominates the famous square with its imposing presence. Walk along the Rialto Bridge and take in the cityscapes that have inspired generations of painters and photographers. The church itself, is an example of Baroque architecture at its best. Checkout my guide to my favourite budget places to stay in Venice.

Step into the grounds of Castello Sforzesco. Visit the La Scala Museum for a small fee and gain entrance to one of the most historic and opulent opera houses in the world. It certainly saves on the hefty concert fees. Amenities in the hostel include.. The real charm of Bologna does not lie in a museum but in the simple act of walking under the row of porticos and just observing the flow of everyday life.

One of the most captivating streets to catch the flow of life in this city is Via Zamboni which besides being home to the Teatro Communale is also home to the University of Bologna. Bologna is the city of porticos and walking under these historic colonnades is one of the highlights of any trip to this city. The perfect way to admire these iconic porticos and also walk off the excesses of the day is to undertake the unique journey of travelling under arches the longest arcaded walk in the world to the UNESCO world heritage site of Santuario della Madonna di San Luca Via di San Luca 36 , a beautiful basilica that lies outside the city perched on a hill.

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The walk to San Luca begins at the arches at Meloncello. Visit one of the most important, historic buildings in Bologna- the Archiginnasio, home once upon a time to the oldest university of Western Europe - the University of Bologna. Present day it functions as a library. However the main draw for visiting here is the wooden Teatro Anatomico. Dating from , this was the first university to allow dissection of the human body.

If you love movies, the best time to visit Bologna is from the end of June till the end of July when the annual open air film festival- Sotto le Stelle del Cinema is held in Piazza Maggiore. Bathrooms are modern and spacious and each bed has power outlet , curtain, light and coat hook.

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  8. Step into Orsanmichele , a church and former granary. Please utilize the opportunity to visit the Uffizi Gallery among others, although, be warned that they might be very crowded. Consider one of the following for your garden oasis: Florence, like many Italian cities is an outdoor museum. There is lots more to view, so keep your eyes open. Admission to the Duomo is free from specific times every day.

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    8. John , embellished with scenes from the Bible. Also might want to checkout my self guided walking tour of Florence. Eat gelato sitting on the Spanish Steps and spend an evening people watching.

      A Self-Guided Angels & Demons Tour of Rome - Italy Travel Guide

      Enjoy the grounds surrounding the Villa Borghese. Full of leafy, green, shaded pathways, walking leisurely through this beautifully park is an alternative way to enjoy Rome. The Piazza Navona , apart from the splendid fountains and architecture on display at the square, is a great place to watch street performers. Perfect party hostel, ideal for younger flashpackers. More street art in Psirri. Street art scene is amazing in Athens. One of the best in the world. A visit to the Monistiraki Flea Market is a must when visiting Athens. You can find all kinds of stuff here. Try the Souvlaki at Kostas which for 65 years has been serving Athenians probably the best souvlaki in town.

      Tucked right at the foot of the Acropolis, checkout the colourful streets of Anafiotika especially early in the morning when they are blissfully quiet and devoid of tourists. Andreas and Magda, two passionate locals showed me a different side of Athens, an Athens slightly off the beaten path. Andreas and Magda took us to the lesser known neighbourhood of Metaxourgiou. Located north of the historical centre of Athens, between Kolonos to the east and Kerameikos to the west, and north of Gazi.

      Metaxourgeio is a neighbourhood of immigrants and one in transition. During the tour we tried another variation of the Souvlaki at the hipster paradise , Elvis. It was a good decision. Delicious and super cheap. Bel Ray Bar in Koukaki. This is a completely non touristy neighbourhood but filled with great bars and places to eat. For more inspiration, checkout my guide to Athens. Fun place, fab restaurant and beautiful rooms. There are some caveats to the figure. This is where coach trumps planes. Train travel is the best in my opinion for seeing Europe, when booked in advance.

      Hi I am Kash aka the BudgetTravellerI have been travelling in style on a budget for the last 6 years focussing on cool trends in Budget Travel like Luxury hostels and street food guides for over 40 cities. Except for a few places, this list ticks off exactly where I went traveling 2 months ago! I also swear by Skyscanner and Go Euro!

      Exploring Rome & the Vatican: A 2-Day Tour with Through Eternity Tours

      The columned arms that stretch out from the basilica and circle the piazza draw you in and pull you toward the church itself. Having been in this piazza during a Papal address, when there were thousands upon thousands of people in it, I can tell you that it still had plenty of room to move around. This is one public place that defies descriptions of its immense size. The statue represents the moment when, as St. Teresa says in her biography, she had a vision of an angel piercing her heart — but decades of onlookers have seen this masterpiece as much a work of erotica as religious transformation.

      The Santa Maria Della Vittoria church is tucked away on Via 20 Settembre, not far from the Termini train station, although in the novel the church is supposedly on nearby Piazza Barberini. Instead of being a square or even angular, this piazza is a long oval.

      In fact, you might recognize that it looks like you could put a running track around the outside of it — which is an astute observation, as a Roman circus used to be in this very space. Back in the 1st century A. Many of the former decorations were used as weapons to hurl onto invaders, and some of the treasures and tombs inside were looted by raiders. Historically, it has served to spirit Popes to safety at times when the Vatican was under attack. Tours are strictly regulated, and visits must be booked months in advance.

      You can see an overhead view of the Passetto here. This massive basilica is, after all, the largest church in Christendom, one of the holiest sites in Christianity, and the place where the Pope performs mass on a pretty regular basis.