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This implicit guilt becomes stronger as in the coming months Bruno makes appearances demanding that Guy honor his part of the bargain. After Bruno starts writing anonymous letters to Guy's friends and colleagues, the pressure becomes too great, and Guy murders Bruno's father. Subsequently, Guy is consumed by guilt, whereas Bruno seeks Guy's company as if nothing had happened.

He makes an uninvited appearance at Guy's wedding, causing a scene. At the same time, a private detective, who suspects Bruno of having arranged the murder of his father, establishes the connection between Bruno and Guy that began with the train ride, and suspects Bruno of Miriam's murder. Guy also becomes implicated due to his contradictions about the acquaintance with Bruno.

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When Bruno falls overboard during a sailing cruise, Guy identifies so strongly with Bruno that he tries to rescue him under threat to his own life. Nevertheless, Bruno drowns, and the murder investigation is closed. Guy, however, is plagued by guilt, and confesses the double murder to Miriam's former lover. This man, however, does not condemn Guy; rather, he considers the killings as appropriate punishment for the unfaithfulness.

The detective who had been investigating the murders overhears Guy's confession, however, and confronts him.

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Guy turns himself over to the detective immediately. Playwright Craig Warner acquired the stage rights to Strangers on a Train in , and wrote both theatrical and radio adaptations of the story.

A United Kingdom touring schedule has been announced from January to March Like the Hitchcock film, the Warner versions respect Highsmith's homosexual subtext. Guy's eventual confession is to Anne, not to Miriam's lover.

Strangers on a Train

The detective succeeds in solving the original murder plot and confronts Bruno with the details, but declines to take further action because he believes that both men will spend the rest of their lives punishing themselves with guilt and fear. The devastated Bruno—with his security destroyed and realising that he will have no support or love from Guy—commits suicide in front of Guy by climbing onto a railway track where he is killed by an oncoming train.

Anne persuades Guy to put the whole matter behind him and to resume his career in architecture. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Howard Washington as Waiter. Dick Wessel as Baggage Man.

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Edward Clark as Mr. Al Hill as Concessionaire. Leonard Carey as Butler. Edna Holland as Mrs. Dick Ryan as Minister. Tommy Farrell as Miriam's Boyfriend. Rolland Morris as Miriam's Boyfriend. Louis Lettieri as Boy. Murray Alper as Boatman. Butler as Blind Man. Roy Engel as Policeman. Joel Allen as Policeman. Edward Hearn as Sgt. Mary Alan Hokanson as Secretary. Janet Stewart as Girl. Shirley Tegge as Girl. Georges Renavent as Mons. Odette Myrtil as Mme. Charles Meredith as Judge Dolan. Minna Phillips as Dowager.

Monya Andre as Dowager. Laura Treadwell as Mrs. Louis Johnson as Butler. Sam Flint as Man. Ralph Moody as Man.

Joe Warfield as Seedy Man. Jun 30, Full Review…. Hollywood Reporter Top Critic. Aug 30, Full Review…. Feb 4, Full Review…. Feb 9, Full Review…. Time Out Top Critic.

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Jan 15, Rating: Feb 13, Full Review…. Nov 2, Full Review…. Aug 2, Full Review…. Apr 30, Rating: May 5, Rating: Classic nail-biter is a must for thriller fans. Jan 2, Rating: Aug 1, Rating: View All Critic Reviews Jim Hunter Super Reviewer. Christian C Super Reviewer. Dan Schultz Super Reviewer. Guy, you're ruining everything. He's the one who killed her. How did you get him to do it? Oh skip it, Miriam. It's pretty late to start flirting with a discarded husband. The Kids Are Alright. Scientology and the Aftermath.