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These cases tend to happen more from outdoor and free roaming pets eating the carcasses of decomposing animals than they do in pets being fed commercially canned foods.

Your Brain Has a Bent (Not a Dent!) 3rd Edition - Arlene R Taylor PhD, Realizations Inc

So, while Botulism from dented or otherwise damaged cans of cat or dog food may not be a likely occurrence, it is still a possibility. With that in mind, I would leave you with this advice when confronted with a damaged can of pet food… Inspect the can closely using the criteria listed above —.

This was a topic recently requested by Paula N. This was a great question about a topic we suspect that plenty of others have wondered about!

What is a Frame Damaged Car?

Have a great week everyone! Jason Nicholas The Preventive Vet. Additionally, we are NOT compensated if you choose to buy what we feature. This is the metal sheet that forms the left and right rear panels of your vehicle.

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They help form the wheel well and in most cars, you will find the gas cap on it. For most vehicles, the quarter panel will be made of metal but in unique vehicles like a Corvette, the quarter panels can be made from fiberglass or carbon fiber. The rear section of the frame. On common cars, the rear support is composed of two unirails, a floorboard where your spare tire goes and a rear bumper support. It's simple and it takes less than 90 seconds This is one of the oldest designs of a frame.

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Traditionally almost all cars were made with this concept but now it's more common on trucks due to its high resistance and strength. The core foundation is made up of two symmetrical rails that are the same length as the car and are connected by several cross members. If the four well are well aligned and the vehicle drives in a straight line without a problem then yea sure, it is safe to drive, but will it be safe in a collision?

Unless you have very minimal damage like a small baseball size dent on a rear quarter panel and the crumple zones are fine, the rails are intact, and the rest of frame is untouched, then your vehicle has a chance that it could still be as safe as it's original condition. Now, if the vehicle was involved in a heavy collision where there's a bent car frame, the crumple is crushed in and it's going to take all sorts of cutting, welding, and aligning then the vehicle will not be safe in a collision not even if you've had the collision repaired.

Think of it this way, crush a tin can and stretch it back the best you can. It might still be the same shape but you can definitely crush it much easier now. The same result will happen with your car, even after car frame repair costs. The severity of the damage will determine the cost to fix. Now when the vehicle sustains heavy damage like a radiator support, frame rail, even apron damage, then the vehicle will require cutting off and welding on new parts of the frame.

Structural damage to a car is one of the most costly things to repair, because it involves car frame repair. Vehicle frame damage could have a negative effect on a vehicle's value depending on the extent of the damage but keep in mind that if the vehicle has it branded on it's VIN, then it will have a permanent effect on the car's value because it will show up with reported frame damage on all public records making it less appealing to any buyer that is looking to purchase a car.

This also is important to know as one day a shady seller could try to sell you a vehicle with frame damage and not mention it.

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In cases where the vehicle has sustained major frame damage, then there's a good chance it's a rebuilt title car and the value of the car could be cut in half! Repairing frame damage after a collision is complicated and you will never have the peace of mind that your vehicle will up to manufacture safety standards.

Front end damage to a car, or rear end collision damage to a frame can both result in a bent car frame, which is difficult and expensive to repair.

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Sometimes the best choice is to sell your vehicle and avoid any further depreciation. If you want to turn that wrecked or junk car that has a banged up frame, then sell it to CarBrain. Our state-of-the-art price engine is designed to make offers on most makes and models in just 90 seconds! The process is quick and simple.

Click here to get your offer today. We apologize for any inconvenience. Please contact us at if you have any questions. We buy damaged cars nationwide.

What Is Frame Damage on a Car? How can I get a quote for my car with frame damage instantly? Search blogs Search Search blog Please enter valid email address. Please enter your email. Ready to Sell Your Car?

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