A Bad Brides Tale

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Yes, there are good reasons to get married. Babies, or at least the possibility of babies before eggs shrivel up. Sex whenever she wants it. A justification for staying in without feeling like a loser. Contentment, the shave-legs-in-front-of-him kind. And there are very good reasons not to get married. Not wanting to sleep with him unless nothing on telly. Never sleeping with anyone else ever again.

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His new bald patch. Being called, 'my wife. As the clock ticks, a shocking secret threatens to bring Stevie's future crashing down around her. A hilarious and heartfelt story about love, marriage and mating and what happens when they refuse to schedule. She lives in London with her husband and sons.

A Bad Bride's Tale

Do you believe in soulmates? So when his colleague, Jen, is dumped unceremoniously by her dreadful boyfriend, Aiden decides to take matters - and Jen's life - into his own hands. Scouring the internet for a suitable partner for Jen, Aiden finds Tom. He'd be perfect for Jen apart from one minor detail: Tom lives in New York. Luckily for Jen and Tom, Aiden's not just an interfering colleague. In fact, Aiden isn't exactly human - he's a very complicated artificial intelligence.

As Jen and Tom's romance grows, Aiden begins to take more and more risks to make sure that they can be together. But what will happen if they realise how they met It's witty and great fun' - Daily Mail'This funny, madcap romp for the digital-age, featuring believably flawed characters not all human , deserves to be a hit If you use Siri, Alexa or Google Assistant, prepare to have your heart warmed - and be a little bit scared!

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This leads her to delve into the past of a man whose reputation has been called into question. Women have a rubbish time of it really. Men can have babies till the day they die whereas women only have certain years. I'm worried this will happen to me and I'm to young to be worring about this! I liked the female characters in this book. I felt for Stevie and Katy equ I love the first chick-lit after more serious books. I felt for Stevie and Katy equaly. I really disliked Jez. I don't know how Stevie got so far with him becuase he was really annoying. I wouldn't mind reading more of Polly's books.

Feb 17, Sharon rated it it was ok Shelves: I found this book rather depressing. The heroine can't figure out if she loves her fiance Hello!

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If you have to ask, the answer is, "No. None of her friends or family give her good advice, even though they are all aware of another potential suitor. None of the other characters are likable. The book resolves happily, but it's quite a trudge to get there. Re-read in and did not recall having read it before.

Two words to describe this book: I would recommend to no one. It is written like the author has never been to New York, even though part of the story takes place there. It's also like the author has never been married, or even engaged, from the lack of emotion throughout the book. I was never actively engaged in the book, mostly finished it just to finish the book and return it to the library.

Feb 25, Anastasia Adams rated it did not like it Shelves: No, no , no! I liked the concept of the story but i found it so stringy and slow at times. I have to admit I was so bored that i kept skipping few paragraphs: I was dying to know how the book would end. Il matrimonio e la luna di miele di Stevie e Jez sono veramente ridicoli e per quasi tutto il libro regna una gran sciatteria di sentimenti.

La moglie peggiore del mondo non mi era tanto dispiaciuto Sep 19, Sarah Giblin rated it it was ok. The chapters also finished really blunt My first book by Polly Williams Stevie, la protagonista, ha passato i 30 anni e si trova di fronte alla tipica crisi "matrimonio e figli prima che sia troppo tardi. Libro leggero, divertente ma ovviamente abbastanza scontato,,.

Another fluffy chic lit book about following your heart and marrying the man of your dreams. I had a hard time staying focused on this book. Not a great read and definitely not very memorable.

May 05, Marianne Brodman rated it liked it. It appears the Brits are a bit more liberal than I'd previously thought. I was disappointed in the very last few paragraphs which seemed to cheapen the purity of the relationship. Feb 04, Diane rated it really liked it. Enjoyable - funny - left me wanting a bit more at the end - let's sum up some of this stuff! Apr 27, Marsha Kelly rated it it was ok. Silly book, easy read. Sep 29, Jeanette added it Shelves: This started out well, but it lost its sense of humor pretty quickly on, and devolved into an overly detailed melodrama. It irritated me that the author couldn't seem to decide whether she wanted her story to be multi-perspective, or just focusing on Stevie.

The result was that majority of the book was from Stevie's perspective, but you'd get stray chapters, paragraphs, or even sentences from other peoples'. It did not work for me at all. On a related note, this was WAY too lo Book club selection.

On a related note, this was WAY too long; I could have enjoyed it a lot more if it had been at least a hundred pages shorter, and this seemed to be a result of the author not having a clear character focus. Just to name a few of many instances, we didn't need the details of Katy and [insert name here, don't want to spoil even if it's obvious! A few good things about it I thought the dialogue was well done, very natural sounding. And I liked how thoughtful and honest it..

By the end I was bored. Oct 06, Darlene rated it it was ok. I really don't know what kind of review to leave about this book. It wasn't a bad read. Is she finally growing up, or compromising horribly In love or in denial Her teenage crush aka The One That Got Away is back in town, a reminder of everything her fianc isn't, and that niggling little voice in her head is getting louder all the time. By the time Stevie steps into her s vintage wedding dress for the last fitting, her life is coming apart at the seams.

A Bad Bride's Tale is a grown-up love story about marrying, mating, compromising Stevie Jonson has done what seems to be impossible for many of her peers: At 34, Stevie had