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The View is open seven days a week from 10am to 5pm all year round including Bank Holidays; it is closed on Christmas Day. The View is closed until The View tells the story of Epping Forest including: Beyond the welcoming staff desk, a door leads to a spiral stair or lift to give you access to the first floor.

On the first floor, enjoy three rooms of displays. They explain the history of the Forest from the Iron Age camps to the modern threats of pollution and litter, including sections on pollarding and Wanstead Park.

View of Epping Forest, A

The room to your right concentrates on the Victorian saving of the Forest. On the first floor, look out for our temporary exhibition room which showcases a changing selection of exhibitions of: It is crafted from solid oak and gives views over Chingford Plain which are enjoyed by all our visitors. Epping Forest was given to the public in Nicholas Hagger came to Epping Forest during the war.

Epping Forest - Everblasting Struggle (ALBUM STREAM)

As a boy he knew Sir William Addison, long recognised as an authority on the Forest, and saw Churchill speak in his village in He grew up against the background of the Forest and visited it regularly when he was living elsewhere. The Forest has come into many of his poems and other works. How much William James would have supported all those who value the quality and range of a truly comprehensive modern awareness as Nicholas Hagger does.

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Universalism is a call to a philosopher to abandon the specialisms in particular logic and language and to attempt, once again, the kind of Grand Unified Theory of Everything that has marked the discipline from the beginning. Universalism has the potentiality to be as potent a movement in the 21st century as Existentialism was in the post-war world.

In this magisterial work Nicholas Hagger unites the rational and intuitive strands of Western philosophy in the light of the latest findings from physics, cosmology, biology, ecology and psychology.

  • View of Connaught Water, on the outskirts of Epping Forest - Picture of Epping Forest, Chingford.
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His in-depth exposition of these sciences and their philosophical implications is breathtaking in scope and detail and fully justifies his declaration of a Metaphysical Revolution, which also has profound consequences for our understanding of world affairs.