Pandemic Preparedness Guide For Managers & Employees

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It provides detailed information on the whole of society approach to pandemic preparedness. July Considerations on exercises to validate pandemic preparedness plans pdf, 30kb WHO activities in avian influenza and pandemic influenza preparedness Evolution of a pandemic A H1N1 April - August , 2nd edition Public health measures during the influenza A H1N1 pandemic Global consultation on addressing ethical issues in pandemic influenza planning Maintaining a Safe and Adequate Blood Supply during Pandemic Influenza pdf, kb Options for the design and financing of an H5N1 vaccine stockpile: Informal meeting of WHO, influenza vaccine manufacturers, national licensing afencies, and government representatives on influenza pandemic vaccines.

For pandemics with severe disease — aim to reduce frequency and types of face-to-face contact between employees, customers and patients.

Pandemic preparedness

Measures might include canceling non-essential meetings, avoiding hand-shaking, closing venues such as child-care centers and cafeterias, and changes in office layout, use of shared equipment and seating during meetings. Plan the use of remote communication e. Monitor and enforce standard infection control practices as critical elements of job performance.

Hand sanitizer can be used with both seasonal and pandemic influenza. Increase workplace cleaning — both with increased frequency and increased number of locations such as common surfaces e. In patient care areas, use standard methods including EPA-registered hospital disinfectants, and manage laundry, medical waste and eating utensils according to seasonal influenza methods.

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For pandemics with severe disease i. Involve facility security; implement access control e. Pregnant women; Persons of any age with underlying medical conditions that increase their risk for complications from influenza e. Medical centers and institutional medical departments should implement mass immunization programs.

Priority groups for vaccine receipt and recommendations for which antiviral to use might change during the pandemic, as they have during seasonal outbreaks.

Five Good Ideas about Dealing with an Influenza Pandemic

Organizational programs might resemble programs used for seasonal influenza, but a severe pandemic might require other distribution systems such as points-of-distribution PODs managed by public health agencies. Increased outpatient services needing more clinical staff — might include acute care and sick call. Increased services might include mental health, employee assistance programs EAPs , and decedent affairs.

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Expect inpatient facilities to use their surge capacity beds, including the intensive care unit. Develop phone triage protocols. Pre-pandemic — report unusual cases of ILI e. Implement tracking and reporting of training and vaccine compliance for seasonal influenza. During pandemic — collect and report to management and health agencies the following: Medical facilities can enroll in the National Healthcare Safety Network on line at www.

American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine

Within the facility, track daily which employees have contact with ILI patients, and their work status and health status. Pandemics with severe disease — consider the following other aspects of clinical care 1,3: Implementation — implement active workplace screening for ILI; consider screening all employees, visitors, and patients. Consider screening of employees and visitors for fever during pandemics with high mortality and prevalence, and consider legal and human resources aspects of screening. Reassignment — protect staff at high medical risk for influenza complications listed above: Conversely, clinical staff members who have recovered from pandemic influenza, and now are presumed immune, may be well-suited for care of patients with acute disease.

Personal protective equipment PPE and droplet precautions — For health care workers and emergency responders who use respirators, a comprehensive respiratory protection program that complies with OSHA standards 29 CFR Place surgical masks on persons with ILI in the facility, to reduce virus spread. Droplet precautions private room, gowns, respiratory protection and eye protection, e. Businesses with Overseas Operations.

Resupply, calculate pandemic costs, hold debriefings, and revise plans accordingly. Department of Health and Human Services. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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March 6, , v2. Occupational Safety and Health Administration. This page provides information about preparing for a pandemic, and many of the resources are specific to influenza outbreaks. Topics to include in an individual library policy--after being sure these are consistent with the plans by the larger jurisdiction:.

Are you prepared for a flu outbreak or pandemic? The guidance, checklists, and resources in this section are intended to help you create a plan. While the focus of this document is planning for natural and other disasters floods, earthquakes , it does emphasize the importance of working with other governmental agencies and knowing about state-specific laws regarding some aspects of a response plan. The site includes the King County response plan, as well as informational links to a range of other topics.