Ten Spiritual Practices For Co-Creating A Successful Marriage

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They have dreams and expectations.

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They have unspoken emotional needs that their partner met which made them come to want to get married. These needs need to be spoken and negotiated. When they are not friction occurs and marriages move toward divorce. Our approach is preventative. We want to equip couples who are in love to be able to enhance and deepen their lives through their love connection.

The Benefits of Meditating as a Couple

Greta and I have decided to make our marriage fun, thus we seek opportunities to experience adventure. It is one of our many spiritual practices.

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We both like to learn and laugh. We both like to explore and we both believe that life presents us unlimited possibilities. We think that most couples come together to explore, and experience life together. They want to have fun and a good time.

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They want to have years of enjoyment. Self-reflection, communication, and meditation are some of the tools that are helpful in creating love that will last. Self-reflection and knowledge will help one to be able to share their feelings and insights with their partner. The practice of meditating helps the practicing partner gain clarity and deepens their personal relationship with self and God. This sharing deepens their intimacy and improves their marriage. This is one of the cornerstones to building a healthy marriage.

Confused About Love | The Building Blocks of Love: Co-Creating a Happy Relationship

As a husband these practices helps me to love, honor and cherish my Greta. I have learned that listening, responding and acting appropriately makes my wife feel loved, honored and cherished. It demonstrates to her that I care and that she is indeed important to me. This results in the deepening of our love connection. This aides her in feeling as though I love, honor and cherish her. Based on my research, many men think that dollar signs are involved in making their wives feel loved.

Thoughtful gifts demonstrate that a husband has indeed been listening. Often wives may feel overwhelmed by the responsibilities for children and housework not to mention work pressures. A husband can help out with child responsibilities for an extended time and give her a day or two at a spa.

2. Oneness

He can also surprise her by arranging a babysitter and take her out for an evening of her choice. It also helps to have an iron-clad date night wherein husband and wife decide on various activities so as not to develop a boring routine.

Prayer For Marriage - Powerful Miracle Prayer For Marriage

Greta loves to know that I am listening to her when she speaks. She loves to know that I am interested in her world and in things that are important to her. She loves to have new experiences and loves to learn new things with me. She loves to know and feel that I am fully present with her. I chose to be with her years ago and she loves to know that I continue to choose her. She loves to hear it and loves when I demonstrate it. I love the same things. Not only are two kisses always better than one, every time we kiss we remember - or at least I do - the butterflies that we had in our stomachs and the anticipation we felt all those years ago.

If you currently aren't observing rituals in your relationship, I would highly recommend trying them on for size. Again, it doesn't have to involve incense or even candles - though it most certainly could! In fact, they could be quite simple like the ones I shared with you, here. But they will add a texture to your days and, simultaneously, increase your feelings of connection not only to your partner, but also to the couple.

Start small, but don't underestimate the results! Self-rituals can become the cornerstone of self-connection, self-discipline , self-acceptance, and self- love. One of the things that make us human is our ability to see and to treat ourselves as others see us. In other words, almost anything that we can do with or to another in order to deepen our relationship with another person can easily be done with or to ourselves in order to deepen our relationship with ourselves.

Rituals provide structure, a memory and history base for the relationship and anchors to turn to in difficult times. What I like about Dr. Lively's article is the emphasis on "co", that is, doing it together. This is perhaps one of the best ways couples can create and sustain egalitarian partnerships. A co-created ritual will do what "our song" can spark, memories that connect the couple.

These kind of rituals provide good glue for the couple. Practical tips for writing, using, and remembering self-affirmations. Quick tips to manage your emotions during the busiest time of the year. Back Find a Therapist.

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What Is the Best Way to Propose? What's the Solution for a Coddled American Mind? Kathryn J Lively Ph. Co-Creating Rituals for the Couple Little things can make a big difference. Rituals serve many purposes. They anchor people's emotions to a particular act They provide structure to your interactions They improve emotional connection within an interaction They facilitate the entrance into a desired emotional state They create a strong shared social identity that is, they create a feeling of being a "we" So, what are rituals?

So how do you incorporate rituals into your coupledom? Now, if you are not in a couple, then start rituals with yourself. I like the idea. Post Comment Your name. E-mail The content of this field is kept private and will not be shown publicly.