The Night Watches

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Concerning this, another has said, "It was one of the great signs of the Messiah that He would satisfy His poor with bread, as you may remember in Psalm The Lord ought to have been thus recognized; but He was not.

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He has departed from Israel for a time, and gone on high to take the place of intercession. And while the Lord is there, the disciples are exposed to all the storms and fluctuations of this lower scene He has left the Jews for the time. He is also away from His disciples. But in the midst of the contrariety of all things around them, He comes again.

Watches of the Night

Whatever there is of human woe, wretchedness, weakness, sickness in the world will all flee before the presence and touch of the Son of God. May we never forget that in order to sustain and encourage the weary watcher, the Lord graciously promises the overcomer in each of the last four churches that He will come with His blessing before the morning, or fourth watch. The morning will appear;. The harbinger of day at last.

Each waitin g eye will cheer.

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Will to our joy be seen;. Thou, Lord, wilt meet our longing sight,.

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Without a cloud between. Thee, in the watches of the night ,.

My spirit would adore,. When the watches of the night are past?

Studying the 8 Prayer Watches of the Bible

When will the night of this life be spent, and the day of God arise? Song of Solomon 3: The distinction in meaning between the various words is clear, tsopheh having the idea of "outlooker" and notser that of "careful watcher" being applied even to besiegers from outside: Jeremiah, "watchers" , while shomer also embraces the idea of "defending" or "guarding.

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  • The watchman has responsibility for being a careful watcher and sounding an alarm to warn the people of impeding danger. My husband, a Vietnam veteran related this story to me about his army buddy. They were fresh recruits who found themselves in Viet Nam after basic training.

    The Night Watches in Scripture (#) - Bible Truth Library

    I only have a few more days before I complete my term. So we see that the watchman must be alert at all times.

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    Take heed to what he has said. We must read his word to know what God is saying to us. Watch for signs of what God has spoken and the manifestation of his word.

    Watches of night

    Pray continuously and regularly that we can be close enough to God to hear his instructions. The Bible speaks of the different watches i. According to the Jewish Calendar starts at sunset 6: The consensus is that this watch is the optimal time to cover the following: This is a time when we should cry out to the father on behalf of our children.