There Goes the Galaxy

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Was playing around yesterday and decided to draw my character, Rollie Tsmorlood in the art nouveau style. My first attempt at drawing this style, despite it being a favorite of mine.

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Got my suggested changes from my final beta reader for Tryfling Matters and spent the last day making some tweaks. The suggestions were right and once again, once I figured out how to approach it, it definitely made the book stronger. So I'm winding up some formatting and then we'll be onto the "making pretty" part of the process. Not long now, guys! Wishing each of you fine people of the Greater Communicating Universe a spectacular ! This last year was a ton of hard work, but just so exciting.

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I appreciate you all having made the journey with me. We'll see what trouble we can stir up in the coming year.

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The ebook version of Tryfling Matters is There are various free apps that allow you to download the electronic version without a Kindle if that helps, Ha, Rollie would be on board with the idea of the print version. HOW excited am I? Look hither at the official cover for the upcoming Tryfling Matters, the last book in the There Goes the Galaxy story arc! This was done by my friend, the galactically-talented Dave White, who did the two previous covers.

There Goes the Galaxy

You should see the crappy sketch I gave him of the concept I thought would work, and from there evolved this! I will be getting a proof of the final print book in the next week or so and will be formatting the ebook version, and I hope to have this out before Christmas. Forgot to put this here yesterday I don't know how many folks here also use the Book o' Face, but I set up an author page today on Facebook that will have news, etc.

The page is here, if anyone is interested in those types of updates: I believe I have my Tryfling Matters book synopsis.

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I may noodle slightly with it from here, but this is pretty much where it's headed and thanks to my friend Dave White for his editing suggestions and brain: But some people never listen. Coming home to family can be challenging. But when an Evil Alien Corporation is running the place? Soon Bertram and Rozz find themselves sucked into in the very system they intended to fight.

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Things that start with the letter M: She has her own problems. As witness to the murder of her estranged father, Mary Ann must go under -underground to learn more about the man she barely knew and the motives for his death.

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But the more she discovers, the more M-words keep coming. Like magic mirrors, monsters, mistaken identity and a murderer who is the mysterious manservant to the Queen of Hearts.

Mary Ann is mightily moved to unmask his malicious machinations, but can she unearth the evidence, expose the killer and keep a cool head? Click here to order your paperback copy no w!

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