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The play-acting reaches a new level when, for some reason, Gerda encourages her husband to accompany her to an art showing in female guise. Gerda dresses Einar with a wig, applies his makeup, and chooses an ensemble. Gerda coaches him how to walk and carry himself as a woman. Lilli is out of the gate, running laps of pure joy, by the time Gerda finally sees what she has unleashed. Gerda finds herself unsure of what to do with Lilli, whose unwanted and unannounced appearances are becoming more frequent.

Parallels to My Life The experiences of my early childhood evoked within me the same desires that awakened within Einar. She sewed special dresses for me to wear and told me how pretty I was when I modeled them for her. Like Einar, I married a woman and lived as a man. Like Einar, I cross-dressed in secret and eventually began going out in public dressed as a woman. I, too, felt energized by the experience. That is why I underwent a full surgical transformation.

Lilli did not have the opportunity to live as a transgender female to see if living life as a woman fulfilled her expectations and served as her path to peace. She died from an infection a few days after the second reconstruction operation. After undergoing sex-reassignment surgery, I lived as a transgender female for eight years, some of the time working and living in San Francisco. Right after surgery, like Einar, I was elated about finally having made the transition.

Yet the excitement soon wore off. Over time, I discovered that life as a woman could not give me peace. To my dismay, I still fluctuated between being Walt and being Laura, sometimes several times in one day. Whatever caused me to want to change my gender identity had not been solved by sex-reassignment surgery or by living as a woman. I kept searching for an answer. An Accurate Portrayal—To a Point The movie accurately portrayed the deep emotional and psychological problems that transgender people experience, illustrating how infuriatingly difficult these issues are to diagnose and treat.

It did a good job in showing how gender discomfort can start from a seemingly small incident in childhood and then grow in adulthood into severe gender discomfort that eventually leads to sex-reassignment surgery. Lilli fervently wants the genital surgery, even at the risk of her life.

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Immediately after the surgery, Lilli appears truly happy with her decision. Most transgender people would say this is true in their experience; in fact, I saw this same progression in my life. However, because Lilli died after the second surgery, the movie could only portray pre-transition longings and the immediate effect of the surgery, not the long-term reality of life after the transition.

In my case, transition promised a good life, but after the initial euphoria wore off, it delivered only despair. Until I determined to stop living as Laura and to do whatever it took to be Walt, peace eluded me. Being open to being restored to manhood changed everything. When a proper diagnosis of my dissociative disorder was made, the first effective treatment could begin.

It took several years, but as I persisted with the treatment for dissociative disorder, my feelings of wanting to be a woman dissolved until they were completely gone. I learned that sex-reassignment surgery had not been necessary, but it was too late.

Abandonados a la pasión

My body was irreversibly mutilated. The movie shows the comorbid disorders of Einar quite clearly. First, we see the onset of autogynephilia, a mental sexual disorder in which Einar becomes the object of his own affection in the identity of Lilli.

After being nurtured and indulged for a while, this escalates to a narcissistic obsession of self-gratification at the expense of his relationship with his wife. The yearning becomes an obsession. His powerful new emotions change his view of himself as a man. Eventually, Lilli dissociates from Einar, and two personae exist within one person.

This is called a dissociative disorder. Unchecked, Lilli takes total control and turns Einar into the canvas picture of Lilli, the female. Lilli says Einar is dead and gone. That statement demonstrates a disorder rather than reality, because Einar is standing there talking. I made similar statements about Walt. That is a disturbed mind talking. As it turns out, I too had a comorbid disorder. The makers of The Danish Girl are clearly trying to sell the popular idea that trapped inside of Einar all his life was a girl. Transgender people are not born that way; they evolve from experiences that shape their emotions and desires.

Providing Real Psychiatric Care At the end of the movie, as the credits rolled, I turned to the middle-aged lady seated next to me and asked her what she thought. I live in a neighborhood where people in need of psychiatric care wander the streets, but no one is there to help them. Over 60 percent of patients with gender dysphoria suffer from the existence of comorbid disorders. These commonly include psychological or psychiatric disorders such as dissociation, sexual fetishes such as autogynephilia, and mood disorders such as depression.

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In nearly all cases, these disorders could be resolved without any surgical intervention if patients receive proper treatment, including psychotherapy and medication. A survey found that 41 percent of transgender people reported attempting suicide at least once. After six years administering cross-gender hormone therapy to five hundred transgender patients, Dr. Ihlenfeld said that 80 percent of the people who want sex-reassignment surgery should not have it. The high rates of suicide among the post-operative transgender population.

Ihlenfeld stated that transgender surgery was never intended to be a life-long treatment solution, but only a temporary reprieve. Although their intentions may be good, many activists for transgender acceptance actually keep transgender people from getting the help they need. Because coexisting mental disorders are not treated properly, it is likely that high suicide rates among the transgender population will continue. In one scene of The Danish Girl, a specialist diagnoses Einar with paranoid schizophrenia.

Before the doctor can come back with a team to lock him away, Einar understandably runs away in fear of the barbaric treatment awaiting him. Walt Heyer is an author and public speaker with a passion to help others who regret gender change. Through his website, SexChangeRegret.

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O filme transborda os pontos batidos do discurso LGBT. Num momento chave, o personagem principal exclama: Alicia Vikander co-estrela como Gerda, a devota esposa que ama o marido profundamente e permanece fiel a ele ao longo dos anos de sua espiral descendente. Una Mujer PDF complete. El Club De Los Aventureros. El Corazon Del Vampiro: El Principe Y El Canalla El Seductor PDF complete. Read 39 Cafes Y Un Desayuno. Read Ainda Te Desejo Online. Read Algo En Comun Online. Read Amante Habitual Deseo Online. Read Amar-Se, Respeitar-se E Read Amnesia Iledunak Disney Online.