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Not great but there are improvements. So, here are some of them relating to shooting which I found really useful. If there's anything else some of you experts out there wish to share with noobs like me, please comment. Look into the sights when in close quarters shooting unless you are using a PDW with laser sight which makes shooting from the hip at close range extremely accurate anyways or a shotgun.

Most noobs spam off the hip in close quarter situations, I do, and believe in pumping more lead in the general direction of the enemy but experts actually bring up their sights if they run into you close quarters shotguns aside. I find this very hard to learn as the surprise of that kind of situation usually have me pumping out lead from the hip instantly. If you find yourself in such a tight situation where bringing up sights in close combat isn't practical, you might want to try crouching down and shooting from the hip.

Crouching partially nullifies the inaccuracy of hip shooting and also presents a smaller target. I thought experts are like COD players shooting while moving crazy but after watching a lot of videos, I found that most experts stand relatively still when shooting. They sprint, stop, shoot, sprint and don't shoot on the move too much.

Move Backwards, not turn around! When an enemy runs past you in close quarters, the tendency is to turn around in a circle which usually gets you killed because it takes alot of time and even when you do see the enemy, it is hard to stop in time and line up a shot.

Most experts actually walk backwards when an enemy rushes past and it usually sets them up with the enemy once again in front of them but aiming at where you used to be, making them easy targets. Moving backwards while shooting is very good if you just got out of cover. It helps you take that few shots and whether you kill or not, gets you back quickly into cover.

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That brings us to the next tip Shoot in and out of cover. This is the same as real life firefights. Nobody stand and shoot exposed for extended period of time and get anything more than 1 or 2 kills before getting dropped. Move cover to cover and then shoot in and out of cover. Long range or close quarters, experts rarely spam. Short burst always work better long or short range.

Prone and return fire. Some experts train to a reflex to go prone immediately when faced with an enemy in close quarters and then immediately return fire. This usually makes the enemy miss their first few shots as their weapons are usually leveled at the head, giving you that precious first shot.

Go straight into sidearm instead of reload in the face of the enemy. Surprisingly but yes, even me, reload half way in a close quarter fight When faced with an enemy at close range, walk backwards, not forward, in order to reduce aiming arc when the enemy move side to side. Most noobs, me included, start out by moving closer to the enemy.

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Unless you are defending a choke point, standing at one spot too long, perhaps more than 10 seconds, will only set you up for a shot from behind from one of those enemies running in circles around the map. Never rush anyone carrying a shotgun of any kind. When sniping, there's nothing more important than hundreds of hours of practise in aiming. But before we get that good, use a MK11 and always be the first to pump the first round at another sniper's scope reflection in order to suppress and blur his vision and then aim for a kill. Yes, its spamming but hey, we are noobs and noobs use semis, right experts?

Learn to lead a target! When a target is moving, you are not going to hit him by aiming straight at him. There are some known noob weapons like the ones I use sadly , MK11, DAO etc which are highly spammable which hopefully compensates our lack of accuracy a little bit.

Tips for Noobs

But again, spamming only makes you less accurate Go to maps with lots of players. Maps with lesser than maybe 20 players are filled with experts that simply take you as desert. You need to go to the big games in order to have plenty of practise. Most noobs, me included, start shooting while still in the process of bringing the sights inline with the enemy at close to medium range.

Aiming & Accuracy

That is so totally wrong. The first article deals with the basics of tank control. How to win with tanks in the Battlefield 3 multiplayer — Part 1. The second article about the tanks of Battlefield 3 explains how you can improve or enhance your tank capabilities with the help of vehicle specializations.

It also gives advice on how to both protect and repair your tank, without having it stolen or getting any friendlies killed. How to win with tanks in the Battlefield 3 multiplayer — Part 2. The third and currently last article is about what you can do to win in tank-to-tank combat. It will also give tips on how you can take out your opponents airborne weapons with the help of your tank, plus more.

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  • How to win with tanks in the Battlefield 3 multiplayer — Part 3. Never played Battlefield games before? Watch this clip about Spawning, Class kits and idiot reviving…. Check out my list of useful resources with info about the game both single player and multiplayer , blogs, news sites, other multiplayer guides, YouTube channels, and forums:. Do you want to suggest a resource related to Battlefield 3?

    A tank cannot be bargained with. It cannot be reasoned with. Seriously, pick your battles. They were going to make your mum cry. Don't assume that you have to be right on top of a flag in a game of Conquest in order to capture it. The viable area can actually be pretty big.

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    Once you see the countdown ticker start, move around a bit to get a feel for where the boundaries lie. You'll find that you have more space, and therefore more cover options and more ability to set up a defensive perimeter than you might expect. Your Assault guy can help you. Pay attention to him.

    Pay attention to which classes are around you and act accordingly.