Beaded Umbrella Ring: Beading & Jewelry Making Tutorial Series T93

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Thank you for this great pattern. I just made it with fall colors and plan to carry it tomorrow. I would suggest to move the hint about moving the snap down to an earlier placement, as I just looked at the pic and did what you did, then read the hint too late. I did read the pattern beforehand, but just forgot that part until too late. Good job on the pattern. I just finished my purse - woohoo! It was more work than I thought it would be but your instructions were clear and I learned a few new things: I noticed that just about anytime I sewed 2 pieces together that I had interfaced, one side seemed to stretch, making the pieces uneven at the end.

Have you encountered this before? Is there a way to prevent it? Eventually I'll take some pictures and post them for you to see my purse checking a Christmas gift off the list! I'm sorry Kelly, but I haven't ever had that happen to me. I would just trim them off at the edge to make them even again if you can.

If you use the fusible interfacing it shouldn't shift on you. Your tutorial was impressive. Very easy to follow. I am a seasoned, experienced seamstress and I thoroughly enjoyed reading and following this. Not everyone is experienced and can be intimidated by sewing, but you make it very easy to follow. Very cute idea, too. I just love, love, love your purse and had to enlist my mother-in-law to help me with the sewing.

We finished it this past weekend and since then have used it and have received many compliments. I owe it all to you, Thank You! Thank you for your kind contribution. Your bag is very beautiful! You are being very cool! Lu Cordeiro from Brazil. I am the one who can'tfind the PDF for the pattern and would love to make one of your bags. Will you please help me out? I love the bag, but i am a new sewer and am confused on the pattern you have above? I am unsure of how to cut out the pieces using it and the difference between interior A and B and Exterior A and B and why they are such different sizes?

Could you please help out a new sewer? Thank you so much for this! I live in Miyagi, Japan so the name caught my name before anything else! Now all I need is to find an affordable sewing machine that I can understand and I'll be on my way. I just finished making mine today too!!!! I made Version 1 but used interfacing to make a stiffer sitting bow. Thank you so much for your tutorial. This is the first ever time I've made a lined bag! I used 3 different fabrics. Really loved making it! Feel brave enough to attempt Version 2 now! I have shared on Facebook and linked back to your page!

Came here from Melody House on the Side of the Hill It's on my list and I'm pinning it if that's ok? Just made mine in green and teal. I'm using it to carry all my piano stuff to the piano lessons I teach. I am a relatively new sewer-all quilting. Do I need to use heavier-like decorator fabric to make this?

I can't wait to try one. I love the bow! I really want to make this purse. I am stuck because my laser printer doesn't print borderless and you said I shouldn't have to overlap the pages. Can someone show me how to put this together the correct way if my pages "DO" overlap. I would greatly appreciate it. I just figured out that I have enough fabric on hand to make this bag!

I might need to get a bit more interfacing, but that's it. I've been saving some fabric for something unknown that would be super cute I made four of these and sent them to my best friends. Your instructions were detailed enough for even a beginner to be successful. Because I live in Arkansas, Razorback print fabrics are extremely popular! I created a bag using heavy red fabric for the outside, bow and straps. The interior and all the extra pockets were done with 3 different Razorback prints. For extra punch, I added black piping when I sewed the exterior to the interior.

I've posted the bag on my Etsy site with my other Razorback-themed creations. Thank you for sharing your creativity and I hope to create many more Tohoku Totes for family and friends. Cheri, Thank you for the great tutorial. I have emailed you, but you may be busy with family right now. I would like to "possibly" make some of these bags to sell at local arts and crafts, but I want to be respectful of your rights to the pattern.

How can I contact you about this? I enjoyed making a bag using this pattern as a gift for a friend - I have linked to you on my blog - http: Such a fun and well-explained tutorial. I really had a great time making the bag, here you can see my first result: Maybe a more winter-colour-edition, cause this one is very summerly Thx for the pattern and tutorial.

Thanks so much for this pattern. This is the first bag I have made, and now there are four. Great tutorial and easy to follow.

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You can see my bags here: Great bag nearly done with mine,my back peice is slitghly bigger than the front as the front is pleated is this normal how? I jut re-ead the pattern again , i must have missed the part, or misunderstood the explanation about the pleat being put in the fabric before you cut the pattern peice for it out: I just finished the bag and it looks great!

It took me over a month from start to finish, because I have a busy toddler and busy life,: For those that have had troubles printing borderless, don't stress too much. My bag still turned out great! I did one adjustable shoulder strap so I can wear it cross body, and I added zippered pockets and a pleated pockets for diapering items.

What a cute bag, I can't wait to stuff it with essentials and go grocery shopping! Thanks again for the tutorial! I will have to post it to your flikr soon! Got it done in 3 hours!!!!! Now I know, however, to read the entire tutorial before starting! Luckily I only messed up the first step, with material that I can still use for something else! This is my favorite purse so far, and I've made 4 this year!!!!! Just saw this post and the new art in your family room. Love your site and all your great tips. I purchased this and am happy you were able to raise so much for charity! This bag looks awesome!

I hope to get one made soon. Irene For more info. I may have put the bow on upside down But I love it!!! Thanks for making such an easy-to-follow tutorial for us beginners: I got to use my new sewing machine - and didn't break it! I used thicker canvas fabric, so I am hoping to use this instead of my diaper bag! I love this Tohoku Tote and would love to make it. I could not find where to download the pattern. Thank you so much for leaving a comment! If you are asking a question and you do NOT have your profile linked to your email address, I will respond in the comment section, so just come back to check it later.

September 05, The Tohoku Tote. Today I am publicly posting the full pattern and tutorial for the Tohoku Tote. I have chosen to do this for a few reasons. I'm thrilled about this. It was "purchased" by over people. Thank you SO much to those of you who donated to the cause.

Please don't feel unhappy that everyone gets the pattern now. I tried to wait a while and you can know that your donation made a difference. They didn't have the actual pattern pieces, but the full tutorial was still out there. Happy Labor Day or Merry Christmas early: I have tried to be extremely thorough in this tutorial for those of you who are new to sewing. If you are a pro, then you'll be able to skip some of it. Either way, pretty soon you'll be toting around a new bag that you'll be proud of. Print off the PDF pattern pieces and tape them together. You will find all five pages HERE.

This is absolutely necessary or they will not print correctly. The pages should not overlap at all. They should be joined page to page like the picture below.


Beaded Umbrella Ring Beading & Jewelry Making Tutorial - DIY Jewelry Making

Double Checking Your Printing: If you pages don't match up as shown your printer probably printed it with a border. To double check, the length of interior pattern on the fold should be 15". The length of the fold on the exterior piece should be 12". You'll need the following: Both of the bags version 1 and 2 require the same supplies. If you are new to sewing, you might not know about interfacing. Let's talk about it.

Interfacing is going to give the bag structure so that it isn't floppy. In my personal opinion, interfacing can make a purse look much more professional and durable. It will also help hold the weight of the bow on the front without causing the front lip of the purse to sag. I used interfacing on the exterior of the bag as well as the lining. For the first version I didn't use interfacing on the exterior acorn print because it was a really thick upholstery fabric, but I still needed it on the brown fabric because it was thin and needed to support the bow.

Interfacing is really easy to use, so don't panic. You can see it in the picture above. It's the white stuff. It has a side that's a little shiny which will adhere to the fabric. They will become one so it won't be hard to deal with. There are some additional advantages as well. It will make the fabric easy to fold and crease when you need it to. Here's a close-up of the label. It comes in different thicknesses. I also recommend getting the metal snaps there because their 2 pack was the same price as 1 at Hobby Lobby.

Beaded Umbrella Ring Beading & Jewelry Making Tutorial

You'll start by cutting the pattern pieces. I like to get the tricky one out of the way first. The pleated front is the tricky one. If you're at all intimidated by this you can opt out of the pleat, but it does make a nice detail. I pleat my fabric first and then cut the pattern piece out. The pleats are about 1 inch and they fold outwards. The fabric in the middle stays straight, but the sides are now angled.

The pleats also veer outward so that there is no pleat at all by the time you get to the bottom of the pattern piece. Let's get one more look at it. See how by the time you get to the bottom there's no more pleat? Once the pleats are pinned, lay the pattern over the top and cut it out. Or to make it a little easier you could cut the plain pattern piece out for the back side of the bag and use that as a pattern for this one. It's easier than using the paper pattern and trying to fold the pleated fabric.

The other pattern piece will be cut out normally. I didn't bother to pleat the backside since no one will see it. So now you have your front and back and it's time to add the interfacing. You'll have to take out the pins on the pleated front to iron on the interfacing, but if you iron the pleat down first you'll still be able to see where the pleat goes after the interfacing is added. You'll just stick the pins right back in afterwards. Place your interfacing on your fabric so that the shiny side is against the wrong side of the fabric and iron it on.

I like to iron it decently, then cut the interfacing to match the shape of the fabric and then iron it really well. That way you won't iron the interfacing that's hanging over the edge of the fabric to the ironing board. You can see the shiny side in the picture below. It only takes about seconds to get the interfacing to stick. Then the fabric will feel super thick. That's what we want. Cut the strips that go across the top of the bag and add your interfacing to them as well.

Then you'll sew the strip to the bag by lining it up like this. Next you'll top stitch across the part you just sewed. I like to fold the seam that's now underneath upward so that I'm sewing through all the layers when I top stitch. It's a good idea to press the seams open. That way when you're sewing the exterior and interior layers together later you'll have less bulk and less trouble. If you have a regular ironing board it's tough to do because the bag won't fit over it. I just roll up a dish towel, hold it on the inside of the bag, and use the iron on the outside. I hold the towel so there's something for the iron to press against.

I didn't press my seams as you'll see in these pictures, but I should have. Next we'll box the corners. If you don't know what that means I will explain it. If you do skip ahead.

Beaded Umbrella Ring Beading & Jewelry Making Tutorial Series T93

You're going to take the bottom corner and pinch off the area as shown. You'll want to feel with your fingers to make sure the seams are aligned. The seam you see in the picture should be right over the top of the one underneath. The interfacing makes it easy to crease the pinched area. Now measure up from the corner of the seam. I like to draw a line across where I will sew as a guildeline.

Turn the bag right side out. Now you have the exterior of the purse completed, except for the bow. It should look like this. We'll make the bow next. There aren't any patterns to print out for the bow because it's all made of simple rectangles that I will give you measurements for. Here's the bow from the bag shown in this tutorial. Cut two of each of these shapes. The fabric I worked with was canvas so I didn't use interfacing for the bow. If you're using a really thin cotton, I would recommend using your interfacing here as well. Trim your corners so they will lay better when inverted.

Invert, press, and top stitch. You'll close up your hole when you top stitch over it. Now take the angled piece and lay it down. Stack it on the first piece and stitch these layers together right down the middle. This is hard to get under the machine, but as long as you sew it a little on each side it will be fine. You don't have to sew across the entire loop. The loop that you've created is quite small. Slide it over the other two layers. It will be snug and will cause your bow to gather a bit like this. Lift the bow as shown and sew a few stitches right where the arrow is.

You can do this with your machine.

Beaded Sugar Skull Ring Tutorial

I stitched about an inch long strip there. The bow will completely conceal it. Do this to the other side of the bow as well. Here are the measurements and pieces for the other bow option. There are only two parts. Cut two of each part. You'll slide the loop over the long rectangle just like with the other bow.

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Then you'll have to do a little maneuvering to get it under your machine and sew a few stitches where the arrow points but under the loop. You're sewing both the underside of the loop and the top of the bow, but it will be concealed by the loop. The stitches need to be at the very top so the bow won't droop. If it's difficult to get it under your machine you can hand sew it on.

Do the same thing at the bottom of the loop as well. Now I like the bow itself to sag the way it does in the picture. I didn't use interfacing on the bow. If you want your bow to be less droopy you can tack the upper corners of it with a few hand stitches. Now that the exterior of the bag is totally finished we can move onto the interior.

Cut two pattern pieces and iron on your interfacing.

You will need:

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