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Create a new topic. You're Good to Go! Latest on Escape from Bug Island. Escape from Bug Island Review Escape from Bug Island is a dismal reminder of the low points of survival horror's past.

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Beyond the Sword Harmonix and RedOctane's final duet rocks out this week with the latest expansion from Sid Meier's classic strategy game and fistful of portables. It will take around twenty hours to complete, but you're not going to have fun doing it. Half way through they recycle previous levels and throw in harder enemies and objectives. Cutscenes are extremely poor, I've seen better on Nintendo 64 with zero physics, bad voice acting, clipping issues, and boring animations.

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Music and audio isn't much better, there are about three music tracks and they loop over and over again. The bugs sound like I would imagine. They did at least attempt to include poor quality sound it the remote. Bottom line it's a waste of time and money. Escape from this crappy game!

This game,starting from the bottom,Is terrible.

Escape from Bug Island

The graphics while not at best,are still along with that of Dreamcast even. I don't know how any This game,starting from the bottom,Is terrible. I don't know how any review for this game can go past a 4. If you are a cheesy,bad acting,terrible storyline lover. Then you will Love this game.

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It's like a B horror movie Fail. It's insulting to play a game with such low standards. Ridiculously horrible gameplay, trashy visuals and sound explode into one of the It's insulting to play a game with such low standards.

This game contains examples of:

Ridiculously horrible gameplay, trashy visuals and sound explode into one of the worst gaming experiences. Save your time, money and braincells. Partway through the game, you encounter "Amazonian lizard women", Giant Gorilla s and Canine-Men in addition to the giant bugs. A light-hearted example with Ray, Mike and Michelle.

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Ray and Mike just casually compete over her love while she's clueless to both of them. There is a secret ending where Robert survives. The game is currently not well enough documented to know for certain how to unlock it. He figures out Beelzebub emits a gas that mutates or poisons everything exposed to it; and then succumbs to said gas just after realizing five new people are trapped on the island.

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Never Trust a Title: The Japanese version of the game is simply called "Necro-Nesia" after the island that serves as the game's setting. Mike offers to stay on the island and find a way to escape so Ray can leave on the helicopter and he'll have the chance to play the hero. Ray remarks that he couldn't pass middle school, prompting Mike to take back his offer and get on the helicopter.

Every single person on the island gets killed except Ray. Ray is then sent back to the start of the game via a rift in space-time under the island and rescues everybody except Robert who would have died regardless of Ray's actions.

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Each section of the game has secondary objectives, which are not necessary to complete the game, especially since you won't know what the objectives actually are without beating each section or looking up a guide. The game's box announces Time Travel as a feature of the game, and even calls out the level where it happens by name.

Survival Horror Title Drop: When you visit the temple the second time, there is a diary entry where the author mentions he may "Escape At the start of the game Michelle almost immediately leaves the main camp and wanders off into the woods Two Guys and a Girl: Ray and Mike, along with Michelle who had them tag along to begin with.

Inevitably, Michelle caught the interest of Mike, who gets competitive with Ray. Ray, being somewhat empathetic about it, ends up getting with Michelle anyway, but Mike takes it well.

Later, Lynn and Harry can be found and added to the list of people Ray can rescue only to fail. But he succeeds the second time.