Eye of the Storm

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Verse 1 When the solid ground is falling out From underneath my feet Between the black skies And my red eyes I can barely see And when I'm feeling like I've been let down By my friends and my family I can feel the rain reminding me. Chorus In the eye of the storm You remain in control In the middle of the war You guard my soul You alone are the anchor When my sails are torn Your love surrounds me In the eye of the storm.

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Eye of the Storm

Verse 2 When my hopes and dreams Are far from me and I'm runnin' out of faith I see the future I picture slowly fade away And when the tears of pain And heartache are pouring down my face I find my peace in Jesus' name. Bridge When they let me go and I just don't know How I'm gonna make ends meet I did my best now I'm scared to death That we might lose everything And when a sickness takes my child away And there's nothing I can do My only hope is to trust You. Chorus In the eye of the storm You remain in control In the middle of the war You guard my soul You alone are the anchor When my sails are torn Your love surrounds me.

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While others might head indoors when bad weather is brewing, Mike grabs his camera and heads straight for the eye of the storm. A bit of shock and awesome. Aussie soap opera that is the perfect storm.

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