Jerry Cotton - Folge 2826: Bomben in Manhattan (German Edition)

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Libraries have found use for it where classification is always a problem. And non-profit groups who send tapes to radio stations for public service use claim that by using the colored tapes they are more likely to get their lapings returned from the station. As evidence of this intent. Bell completed arrangements for a net- work of distributors for its cartridge players, which it calls the Bell Stcrco-Pak. Bell is utilizing two- step distribution for the Stereo-Pak, against the one-step it utilizes for I its high fidelity components. A j number of the distribs named will I make the players available to ap- j pliance and photo dealers as well?

Complete coast-to-coast distribution will have been completed by the end of this year. SaJa, Be'l's general sales manager, told The Billboard that shipments have been made of the full line to the distributors, and that dealers c? As a re- sult, it is planning a consumer push, starting with an ad for the Stcrco-Pak in the December Es- quire.

Sales meetings will be set up with local distributors for pro- motion on a market - by - market basis, involving local newspaper ads. Bee Gee Music Publications, lac. Four Star Sales Co. Hi Lo Music, Inc. Island Music Publishing Co. Johnny Cash Music, Inc. Lancaster Music Publications, Inc.

Your cus- tomers Willi A page full-color catalog of outstanding Capitol albums It the feature. And it is bound into the most elaborate and festive issue of Esquire ever published. The Christmas Jubilee Issue of Esquire it a gala page holiday spectacular, boxed In a rich gold carton and selling for one dollar.

More than 7,, readers will see this extraordinary issue. Most of them have Incomes far above average. Most have phonographs of their own. All are looking for gift ideas. Many will buy December Esquire especially forHs gift suggestions. And what suggestions will they see first? That's a break for you! Imaginative promotion and great albums make Capitol THE line to feature In your store's holiday displays. And don't get caught short! The remote con- trol also changes AM-FM stations, autoniulically selecting every us- able station. All three different styles of cab- inetry offer heavy glass panels on top of the console to protect the natural grain wood finishes from stain or burn.

The record changer is reached thru a center gliding panel, while the Magnavox sound equalizer controls are hidden be- hind a Center gliding panel in the front of the instrument. The Concert Grand's sound sys- tem is powered by a separate wait treble amp and a watt bass amp in each stereo channel, while each channel has its own 15 -inch bass speaker, each having ounce magnets, and its own 1, cycle exponential treble horn. Three of the new models feature Sylvania's three - directional stereo sound.

All of the tapes shown in Toronto were ace- latc-bascd. Weisburgh explained that it may be as late as next fall before the tape is read for distribution. He said that professional users such as broadcasters and recording stu- dios were testing it now- to see if it met American specifications. In addition, there is a packaging prob- lem. Weisburgh pointed out that EMI docs not hold the rights to those trade-marks in the United Slates, which necessitates developing a new package.

The boxes displayed in Canada did not contain the offending trade-marks Scope will set up a manufac- turers' rep distribution system to handle the tapes, which will be marketed thru record stores, music' shops, hi-fi specialty dealers, cam- era stores and other outlets now handling raw tape. The prices will be competitive, Weisburgh em- phasized, even tho EMI faces trans- portation costs and import duties not faced by American manufactur- ers. All we have to worry about are shipping, packag-. Bell Victor Contimied from page IS ments are to be made in other areas with a sales training program developed with each new distribu- tor on the Sterco-Pak.

Stating that Be'l "still has the utmost faith" in the Victor system. Bell identified the following as its new distribs to date: Buckeye Electronic Distributors, Columbus, O. Rode- feld Company, Indianapolis and Richmond, Ind.: FM radio manufac- turers, chalked up a 58 per cent increase in net sales for tlie first quarter of its current fiscal year with a 67 per cent boost in per share earnings. Granco pro- duced 40 per cent of the domcstic- allv made FM home radios in Whether the 3M player will also be able to record with comparable quality is regarded as a moot question at this time.

While this doubtless could be made a piece of optional equipment, the addi- tional cost would probubly send the eiUire package into the cost area out see other story , these include two other as yet unnamed firms, one of which is an important com- ponents manufacturer for phono companies. To publicize its cartridge system and players. Victor plans to launch a major advertising and promotion campaign for the coming Christ- mas buying season and for all of I, to let the consumers and dealers know that it plans to sail full steam ahead.

In short, the 3M development has great potential portents for the industry. It will bring, in the fu- ture, a second method of tape car- tridge playback and recording to that portion of the mass market which currently is interested in rec- ords, yet it is not deemed likely to make inroads into the tape mar- ket which exists today. In this re- spect, it is regarded by most trade- slers as auguring an even healthier ultimate future for tape.

Write for details and learn how you can obtain special advantages by qualifying as a UST Tape Center. Stan Cumberpalch of New Sound called lo report strong action on "Uh! Ohr by the Nutty Squirrels on Hanover. Epic has high hopes for "Slinky" by Link Wray. Carlton is moving "Starry-Eyed" by Gary Stites. Under the plan, dealers may purchase any 50 albums from Chips from the various labels carried and are allowed to return SO of any tebePs 45't. An extra attraction is that all the albums are per cent guaranteed for exchange.

He has sold 9, sets in the past week. Harold Berk- man, promotion man for Joseph M. He reports heavy action for the side thruout his territory. Ed Rosenblatt, mahoff of the newly-formed Cosnat branch, called to give a run-down of his best sellers. Th warbler has brown hair, brown eyes, is 6' I" tall and weighs pounds. He is adept at all sports, altho he prefers swimming, basketball and football. DeMarco, who does not consider himself a rock and roller has taken voice lessons only since last March. The chanter has appeared on most of the big deejay stints around the country.

Albee Galione, and Vinnie Acierno. All are under 19 years old. Ihey are all athletic, with swim- ming, basketball and baseball be- ing their prime interest other than singing. Their initial recording effort, "Just to Be With You. They have already appeared on "Ameri- can Bandstand. You're Breaking My Heart 2. Lucky Old Sun 3. Slipping Around Maybe It's Becausa 6. I Can Dream, Can't I 8. Room Full of Roses 9. Don't Cry Joe Taping of deejay shows and staging of record hops has proved such a success at Grossinger's.

Last week, Grossingers saluted New York outlet WRCA's "Wall to Wall" music policy, by playing tapes featuring mood music-type disk selections supplied by the station over the resort's p. The station's entire jockey roster and program director Steve White attended a dinner which Ihe resort held in their honor. He now plans to screen telefilms — featuring disk artists lip-syncing to their latest hits — at the hops. The nightly hour show will be an on-the-air portion of a teen-age hop held earlier each day.

Tucker will stage the two- hour hops at five local bowling places on a rotating basis each week, transcribing the last hour each day and broadcasting it that evening. New WADO line-up is as follows: All disks will be screened for airing by a management team comprised of station manager Nel Bartell. Several key deejavs are changing posts this month. He will work under. Harry Harrison, ex- program director-deejay, WPF. New York, this week. Groven will concentrate full time oa programming and production.

Groven who will handle the 9 a. O's key jock Paul Cowley, on his forthcoming wedding. America's first all fem station, WHER, Memphis, celebrated its fourth birthday last month with a party for over advertisers, record company reps, etc. Sam Phillips He owns the station cut the cake. In line with a major music change emphasis on "beat and subtle sounds " rather than r. The details of the recent Disk Jockey Association's Board of Directors meeting appear elsewhere in this issue. However, we wish to note the names of those deejays appointed to Ihe following standing committees: Public Rela- tions Committee.

Although Pete may found like Ricky NeUon. Hti recent opening al the Olympia Theater in Pari! He icimn't lo ihc V. Incidentally, both tunct were written by the very versa- tile performer. The young Philadelphian m: Tallahassee Lassie, is swingin' with his new Swan single. Freddy's career got off to a flying start Milh the help of deejay Jack McDermoil, who signed Cannon lo a management conlriict and started grooming him lor ft professional career.

Flip is Sometimes I'm H;ippy. David is a Midweslerner. Ihe boys are part of the bill presently at iht Apollo, N. The songwritcr-guiiarisi-violinist scored with hb single Crackin' Vp. C, on Sunday evening, Nov. Christmas In My Heart. Fun Songs For Children. Johnny is from Tyler. When he was 21 he headed for Calif, where he got hts Iiru bieak la the music f;c d. Now b-w There Are Such Things. Bom in liilsa, Okta. Bob and Nick, score well on Coo Coo-U. Boib tunes display much vocal talent on the part of this year-old from Fresno.

Rod has wanted to be an actor from earli- est childhood, and had no idea of being a kinger. Peirce was not loo impressed with the songs but did get excited over the voice used on the demo disk, and within 24 hours Lauren was under contract. Rod is cuiienily lourmg the country promot- ing the new wax. His version of Danny Boy is cuircntly riding the charts and his new album. Saturday Night With Conw,iy Twiity is getting action. She's Mine, Blueberry Hill.

Cur- rently, Conway Is finding a new outlet for his talents in motion pictures. The favorite of TV audiences and music listeners is part of Dot's campaign to spread the Welk sound around thru his many album releases: The Champagne Maestro was raised on a wheat farm in Nonh Dakota with his seven sisters and brothers. See you next week. Agency just packlcd guitarist Krany Burrell, one of the hot new names in the jazz field. Buck Ram has expanded the staff of Personality Productions. Howard Kng is taking over the management duties of all of the firm's acts on the West Coast. Both are hot tunes in Espanola.

Ronnie Hawkins has been attracting solid crowds on bki current tour of Canada. Sammy Kaye's Ork is doing mighty well on its current road trek. Ork just swung thru the Mid- east and will be out on one nighters until the first of Ihe year. Golden was 42 years of age. He had been active as a deejay promotion man for the firm. Label intends to release contempo- rary religious music. The Drifters will be out playing one nighters in the South the rest of November and during December. They are now starring in a new revue at the Dc l a Parce Club in Paris.

Harmonica virtuoso Danny Welton is now with Coral Records. Murray Spom have formed a new label, Seville Records l. National Air- lines pilot, is head of Panama. Same month, Merc puis out a Phillips album featuring a new sax-voice sound combination. Malcolm Chisholm, for past 18 months an audio engineer at Chess studio, ihis week leaves for Hollywood to rejoin his old boss.

Bill Putnam at United Recording. Blue Angel, calypso nitery, soon to move to South Michigan Ave. Barometer of "Music Man" success here: Lead man Forrest Tucker has signed a year's lease for an apartment. Ramsey Lewis 1 rio opens Suther- land Hotel December Toni Lee Scott, chirp with Bob Sco- bey owns a beauty shop here, profits going to her foundation to provide prosthetic limbs for amputees who can't afford them. Asbeli Cincinnati Pianist-singer Jacques Fod winds up a three-week stand at ibl suburban Key Room here Saturday 21 to hop into Chicago to begin promotion on his new album, "Intimately Yours," just re- leased on the Hanover Signature label.

Originally set for seven weeks at the Key Room, Foti requested and got his release after three weeks to begin bis album pitch. Watch for it next week. Chicago, for a two-weekcr, set by MCA. Bill Kellogg is featured on the er at the new Three Coins on Fountain Square in the heart of town. Gibson Girl Lounge of the Sheraton- Gibson Hotel resumes soon with its former policy of spotting top jazz names. Nelson King, who gave up his deejay chores at WCKY here more than a month ago, still vacationing at his home here while mulling various job offers.

Wis negotiations with the Taft interests here for a post that would take him to Ihe Taft-onned station in Birmingham, Ala. Station leans heavily to band music. Hank Lysman is spotted on live organ from 8: November 29 for the benefit of indigent AGVA members. All AGVA talent working the area at the time are slated to donate their services for the occasion, and Messrs.

Edwards and Pichel hope to pack the Copa s 1. Spruce and Clarence Loos. Ed Rosenblatt, formerly with Cosnat in Cleveland, heads up the new quarters here, with the assistance of Dan Ras. Signature, Summit Sound, llerald. Duke, Back Beat, Peacock, Brooke,. Panorama, Memo, Nina, 49th State, Interlude,. Over last weekend Rosen- blatt made the rounds of the local deejays with the Nutty Squirrels to promote the lallers' fast-moving Uh!

Music Company's Hollywood office. According to firm head Arthur Israel, increased business volume neces- sitated the staff addition. Maas joins Al Friedman as Coast staffer. Goldsen claims his Criterion firm last year was represented on more than records. His Coast headquarters attracts a fraction of new song material his New York office is able to bring in.

Goldstein has no explanation for the dearth of songs in Holly- wood. The album, showing Cole In a cloth hat, win be provided to men's wear stores across the country for display purposes. Streamers and posters lying In the albums with the cloth cap campaign. Billy Vaughn Ihcy love him in West Germany last wceic received another gold record from that country. This one was pre- sented to the baloner by Princess Marie Cccilie of Prussia during her Hollywood visit in honor of eight top selling disks in the Fatherland.

This marks his second gold disk for West German sales. First was presented to him last winter when he visited Hamburg for his more than a million seller of "Sail Along Silvery Moon. Max Steiner will compose the score for Warner's "Rachel Cade. in words | source code search engine

Kane , headquarters in New York. V iih his Hed Hot dew Single! You should go big for it because there's none of this malarkey about. You've got to make a living in your own back- yard—or else. You've got a fat rent bill com- ing in every month, and a load of inventory to keep moving fast, period. They know what they want, and they buy a lot, and they keep coming back.

They love good music —and they're loyal to good dealer service. They're selling all the time for you. So, thanks for taking good care of them. Artist, Compiny, iKtrd Nt. Dorili Mercury St 90O Impressive pholo by Bin Hugces of the famed church interior und choristers is ihey sing Mtme oL the iraditional enrols pro- grammei] in this LP. Timely and efficient item for display. Cher a four-week cycle. Sample design, sample size, and all methods used in this continuing study o1 retail rec- ord tales are under the direct and continuing super- vision and control ol the School of Retailing of New York University 1.

The two-volume set is handsomely packaged with an informative booklet with excellent program notes, background material, etc. Package should be a strong seller. In addition to the wonderful teclinique and quality of the recording, the set has an informative booklet with pictures of the organ, its various mechanisms, etc. Playhouse — Several months ago. Now he's back with a new one, repeating the exceptional quality and originality of his first effort with 15 cleverly produced fables, ancient and new. They are done with humor and freshness, plus extraordinary sound effects.

Can be recommended as top fare for kids. Colorful cover should draw attention. It contains songs and stories and a game that children should enjoy. And to help the kids along there is a complete song book with all the carols that are performed in the album. The stories include "Twas the Night Before Christmas. Commentary by Carlos Arruza. Riverside RP — Carlos Arruza. One side of the disk is devoted to an explanation of terms, etc.

The other has locale recordings of two bull fights. Crowd noise and the brass band of El Torco help give the set color. Sound is excellent, and Arruza's narration is interesting and compelling. The honking sound is subdued, and the result is a pop I. P with strong commercial appeal. Rich sax solo work by Austin is spotlighted on a group of soulful standards with a nice assist from a chcral group.

The thrush has an unusual song delivery, with a touch of spiritual feeling and a distinctive style in her wide- range vocalizing. The conductor draws even and concise performances from the orchestra thruout. In addition to the superior quality of the sound and musicianship, the handsome pack- aging is sure to get attention. Included is a booklet with comments by Ansermct and notes that tell of the background of each of the ballets and the portion of these works that Anscrnicl has elected lo present.

The orchestra and chorus respond wonderfully. The set includes a booklet with the text of the poem and information about its author, as well as brief notes about the composer. Ihe much-rtcorded Handel work, rbe volo. Leopold Simoneau, lenor; Grace ttoffman, conlrallo. Label K a low-price subsidiary ot Epic, and as a low-pricer, this packaita can do brisk business. Tile set also includes the composer'i "EBmoni" and "Coriolan" overtures. Econ- omy buyers will find t a bargain set, and it can be a healthy rack hem. Leindorf achieves a wonderful rapport between the featured artists, the chorus and the orchestra.

Packaging is most attractive, and both the front and back cover with costume photos of Warren and Miss Rysanek are fine for display. It should prove strong bait for opera devotees. It's based on the "n;peat after me. Cute cover selh the idea! Leads are handled by Collette. The first side b a wildly adventurous tune poem o the novel, and the second is a mood piece on the experiences of he noted practical ioker. Performances aie excellent and are abetted by fine engineering. Contents include sucb staples as "White Chrblmas. Fine as a party dance disk. The work allows for a great deal of sensitivity, especially the second movement The more vigorous Bruch selection offen even more of a challenge to the solouts.

Folkways FW f— Out- standing amonti documentary type albums, ihb is an imaginative collection of tbo sounds, secular and religious, everyday and holiday, of the many different kinds o people who live in Jerusalem. Its strength b derived from adept, colorful narration and writing and choice selection of taped sounds. It provides a fascinating glimpso of the human as well as well as bistorio values.

Whilie- more and Lowe, itoted duo-piamsts. Piotram includes Falla's "Ritual Fire Dance. While this is somewhat ofl the more popular type of work Almeida has waved in the past, guitar fans will want to hear thb collection. It includes several international tangos — all of which aro presented in bright, rhythmic style by tho ork.

Sound is good, and the set can lurs buys in pop and Latin American markets. Theh delivery b deftly professional, but somewhat lacking In spontaneity. Funnjr liner notes by both artists. Tho Rich has no great vocal assets, he has a way ot celling the tunes nicely. The depth and breadth of this youthful group ii vividly reproduced singing seven songs from Rodgcit and Hammcrsiein shows, plus numbers from "Desert Song," "New Moon" and "Sliidenl Prince. It it iniemling both for its orchestrations and variety of moods it expresses, AHo oo the disk are other original compositions, in- cluding "Japanese Temple," "Valson" and "Impressione.

Assisting behind the strings arc banks of French horni. The title "Volume One. Title Is apt here. The band has Chnscmitiwonccs Q jgfor etierpone! NonMndia Ax, lae Anfilet. The Heckscher group is smallish in numbers but they turn out a ple;isinit tcrpable brand of music. Marion Nf jtIomc also is a good looker. These followers should be pleased with the present collection of sentimental fa- voriies such as "Bill.

Tliey are lung with sincerity and emotion. Ttie songs are the Ihiitg UKl the ork plays hem simply for good music listening. VI — Ornclic Coleman, hailed by some cniici as an important new jazz artist and derided by others as much less impoitanl, features his controversial style along with trumpeter Don Cherry. Again Coleman plavf in his uni ue manner of alto sax. Best sides are "Tomorrow K the Question" and "Giggin'. The sound is good and Ihe recording is a very pretty one. The songs concern the delights, he romance and the fun of skiing — as well as the pain — with many of the tunes set to familiar melodies, and all sung eloquently by Gibson.

For folk and ski buffs. In iU field, a Solid piece of meichandtse, wetl-performed and edited. He's a well-known Scoiiish balladeei and as such is an Ideal choice for the song by Burns. Tlie selection ot 2t includes "Green Grow the Rashes. Sides are engi- neered excetlcnily from the stereo stand- point, as well as surface glossiness. Thus, the adaptation to cha-cha of "Shine" and "My Man.

The various artists that com- prise various instrumental groups show superior musicianship thruout. In addition to the complete two-volume set. Ihey may be purchased individually in albums with three concertos each. Sound is a plus factor. Good item for the genre. His rich tcnoi la nicely tbowcascd on the various songs.

Lyrics lo the numbers are in Italian. Bright, dis- playable covet and fine sound are plus factors. It can have wide appeal. The chorus handles the material with robustness and vigor and admirers of male choruses will cnioy it. The marimba Chia- pas offer deft, danceable instrumental treat- ments — all in cha cha rhythm — of such catchy Latin themes as "Triana Morcna," "Nunca," and "Patricia.

Both Latin and Ameri- can materi. The Melody Four Ouarlct. There are a few solo renditions as well. Light piano accompanies on most aetectioiu. They show o f some swinging trombone work by Green, backed smartl] by Cliff Smalls on pi;. Name value can corral some sales. Beauregard Jnhnsoa A Ike Vol- nntecn. A package of noualgia in the numbers and in the instrumentation of the band, which re- sembles that of the unit nhich used to offer the summer concert on the village green. Cub — Typical honky-tonk piano, with the happy, tinny sound.

Silent Night - Christmas @ The Cotton Club in Harlem, New York City

Conway understands the idiom. The lunes include the football marches of Itlrnois, Notre Dame, Danmoulh. C, Harvard, Prince- ton and Wisconsin. A bright set for iha football season. Offbeat — The revue contains a few pleasant numbers, tho none rank as standouts. It received fa- vorable rKiiices in its New York opening.

It can have territorial and specialized ap- peal. Coloaial LP — ErickssoD contributes excellent accordion solo work on a group of nostalgic coo- tinenlal-styled themes. Coloabil LP — Pleasant instrumental treatments of haunt- ing tango themes with a nice Latin dance tempo. Overnite delivery to 40 States. Full Inventory— all labels, speeds. All LP's at Distributor Prices. HI I tm t30t W. Now here comes another great Presley album, a best-of-Elvis collection that promises to be a jumbo money-magnet for every dealer in the country.

Sell your share of "Elvis' Gold Records, Vol. Treat Me Nice, One Nitht. Here Comes Santa Claus. Bobby Oatiii, Alco Lonely Street By K. Carl Belco, Four Slar Jerry Wallace, CtuUleme Decli of Cards 5 7 By T. Wink MarUndale, Dot M. Sandy Nelson, Oriiinal Sound S. Heartaches by the Number By n.

Ray Price, Col Martin Denny, Liberty JS IsUnden, May Flower It. Brook Benton, Mer Varetta Dlllatd, Savoy Paul Evans A the Curls, Guaranteed l Johnny Malhis, Col Bobby Rydell Cameo In the Mood 16 5 By J. Ernie Fields, Rendezvous Neil Sedaka, Vic Dinah Washington, Mer Everly Brothers, Cadence The Mormon Tabernacle Cboit, Col Love Potion 9 By LaibeT. Frankie Avalon, Chancellor FaU Domino, Imperial The Three Bells 27 2 Say Man By C.

Bo Diddley, Cbeclter , Tommy Faccnda, Atlantic 31 to IE 12 Paul Anla. V ' Kilty Kallrn. Praviain MlboanI tpatli ht Pkb aia awkod '. Her smooth delivery could mean a hit. Flip, "Imaginez Vous" tells of two teens spouting in high school French. The boys read it nicely over good ork support. Ttie off-beat sides should attract. He handles both smartly. Both are rhythmis items that get strong vocals over spirited ork and chorus support.

It's a standout side, and a likely winner. Flip, 'Teen Angel" is folkish, and the vocal is just as salable. It can be a big, seasonal item. It's given a lovely reading. BMI — Reed has two down- home blues sides that he delivers freely in classic, gut- bucket fashion. His uninhibited and swampy approaches should cop loot a-plenty.

He has a pleasant voice, and he handles the materia! Both tunes are salable ballads. He could have big ones with his first tries. It's done in fine style over a good chorus and ork arrangement. With plugs the side could create interest. Chorus is heard without lyrics. Spinnable side should find favor. It's an interesting and programmable side that should appeal.

Flip is "No One Under- stands," Rush. Good sound, and ihe side could move well. Cat living down the fact that he's the son of a gun-fighler. He's gonna have himself a time. Tune reminds a bit of 'All-American Boy. Dual-track treatment can create interest. It should get coins. West has a McPhatter touch here, and the backing has a warm flavor. West can sell a tune and he sings this one mightv well. It't a hutinling hem that can create interest, if exposed. Tune has a alight jazz flavor. Again, the harmonica hat tho lead over sparkling ork support. This version can cerlainlv catch a lot of play.

This is worth spins but flip figures as the sirong side. Andie Prcvin playi a nice piano here. Bregman, Vocco A Conn-Kahn. The song was cteffed by Astairr and Johnny Mercer. The ork supports him fully. A first-rate side that could break loose. The lead singer has a standout style and the group work is good.

It has a bouncy quality and could get spins. Side faces competition from the Mitch Miller disk. Side ii a rockuballad and deserves exposure. It has a Coasters touch, but it could get some coin. It has a sound and a beat, and it could catch on. The artist handles the song brightly over a good chorus and ork assist.

Could gel spins if exposed. It has aome of the navor of Davy Crockett. Record has a sound and a chance. It could get some new ac- tion for riie sinitci. Un this siile Whitman gets i chance to yodel now and then. The singer's fine vocal is given lush chorus and ock sup- port Side rates spins. There's quite a bonty-ionk sound here which could catch on in Ihe boxes. Also good for spins. U has sound, and the song is a good one. She really belts on this one.

Programmable jockey item Ihal can collect coin also. Nothing to do with tbs classic Lincoln speech. It's a slow and touching effort done to an iniercst- ini double lime ttrummcd guitar. From the album "Super Skier. Bcnjon, BMI ' iriiit l. It could pull coins. He pours lots of feeling Into his rhythmic: It has a sound, and it could pull juke coin. Fine pounding tracking aisisii the effort.

Program- mable Jockey side. It tells of the difference between Christmas here and below the border. It's a good I fockey prospect and it could step out. Side should move as well as the flip. Il'a taken from the group's current album. Harmonica accompanies the cat along with piano, guitar and fiddle. Rancy hands it a pleiisant coun- try reading. Ork supports with siringa and a gentle triplet beat. Side is worth ivpins. Fair Max for the teen market. Poieniial and appeal appear similar to thai of the flip. Ivy Rtcordj Un troadway.

BLUE Cornerstone 3 2. LiM li btsed upon iheii weekly turvey of Engliod'i leading music dealers American publishers in parenthesii.

Kindle Feature Spotlight

Today's newest and biggest' record stars are tomorrow's big box-office attractions It's coming soon, all in one convenisnt. It's a ready source of Grade A box office material. It s the lost word on to- day's top record talent, complete tttith all the vital data you need to choose the best names lor your upcoming productions. Horton is slated to spend most of December in Japan.

Merle Kilgore, regular on "Louisiana Hayride," Shreveport. The gospel - singing Blackwood Brothen' Quartet is routed as fol- lows: Los An- geles, 27; Modesto, Calif. December 1; Eugene, Ore.. Idaho, 5, and Denver, 6. LJnil plays Decorah, la. He's set for Dryden, N. From December , Lou works the territory with Roy.

Acuff and the Wilburn Brothers. The show, pre- sented live or on tape each Satur- day in Tulsa, is beamed a week later via tape in Oklahoma City. The McAuIiff combo is routed for the next several weeks as follows: Rudy Hansen, former fea- ture of WLV 's ". Deejay copies of the tune are available by writing to Starday.

Box , Madi- son, Tcnn. Jack McFaddcn, personal manager to Del Reeves, is mulling plans to launch a new c. The all-country and western station brings many c. The latter spots the la- ' bel's new c. Mask, of Memphis, on "Cu- I ban i. More real programming material and chatter data than you'll ever find anywhere A source of lively chatter Hems about record. Ing artists that will capture the attention of your listening audience and add color to your programming birthdays.

Current releases and previous hits. Any lobel, cny hit. Muiicol Soles' hoi It at. Anyone ond of authentic pickinji and fid- dling in llie moiini. L n' und tingin'. Tbc carol it played with reference here. Shorley Scott on organ and Jerry Richatd- ion on flute combine for this veiy warm, lisienabic reading of the standard.

Product details

The side ii from the Eddie Davis "Cookbook" on the jazz label. Night Before Christmas" by ihe Nharp lad. Group has a slight Coasters' sound. Solid 1 radii lonwl ci'unlry. R39 —motion-packed mailing vn plaintive coun- try ballad, lAcwIf-Rosc. Should appeal to lovers of the authentic hiU sound. Chanter sings it with a chorus chiming In for the refrains. Kiltore sings it well, with a chorus behind liim. BMI ifk-k Marli of Cain — Traditional ap- proach on a phtlnsnphical-tM3e tune that is done over hill-sounding guitari and fiddlci.

Scmggs come thru with a lender leading of ;i s;dd ballad ' about a man who foolishly lets his true [ love leave. It's a solid waxing. It has a good. Zimbalist, star ot "77 Sunset Strip. Tuna Is a bright Christmas waltz, done tn littiof ttjrh. Flip ta likely to get more play due to seasonal Interest. Junior has a voice tike a chipmunk. In dialog with her d;td. Side can grab some coin. Poienlial appeals similar to that of the flip.

His intense pasHitm is picked up by the chorus, to a rolling beat. Good programming for I gospel shoAi. The side is delivered over mild rock backing. Narration by Nordlne It amitiing In spots. It's pretty fat out. It should go as well as the flip. Brown belu the lyrics, and he's backed by funky instrumentation. Side ntoves right along with a driv- Ing beat.

A solid waning that could grab sales. A strong side foe the market. Ibe beat Is firm. The lead and the group in- tegrate their harmonies and chant and re- sponse patterns excellently. He does some shouting on this aide and again the band keeps up a steady, pounding back- ing. The band keeps up an interested re- petitive riff behind lie chanter. A strong tide for the Bible belt. It should please their fans. A little knowledge goes a long way, but a lot goes much farther One way to make regular customers out of infrequent buyers; talk their language. You'll find them coming bade for more.

And buying more records. And helping you to make more money out of rec. Dallas; Walter Randy Powell. San Antonio; Quintea W. These jocks along with the other j board members and officers elected j when the association was formed last July , will act as directors until ; elections are held at the DJA's I Los Angeles convention. Bruntvlck t 21 IkiUUw ftfttf Read more Read less. Kindle Cloud Reader Read instantly in your browser. Product details File Size: Bastei Entertainment August 16, Publication Date: August 16, Sold by: Related Video Shorts 0 Upload your video.

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