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The dynamic between the two is fun. She then practiced law with one of the nation's largest firms for several years until she began writing screenplays.

After Hollywood producers optioned two of her scripts, she decided to leave the practice of law to write full-time. Her books have been translated into fourteen languages and Julie's sixth novel, Love Irresistibly , is now available. Julie James lives with her husband and two children in Chicago, where she is currently working on her next book.

Just the Sexiest Man Alive. From the New York Times bestselling Julie James comes this dazzling romance about one of Hollywood's biggest movie stars and the woman who refuses to let him capture her heart. In the courtroom, she never lets the opposition see her sweat. I blame the freaking amazing chemistry the characters had, I just adored them. More than anything this was a very funny read and made me feel great in a time I needed a break because I had been working too much, so I must thank this amazing author for this book and recommend it. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did.

This is how I would order Julie James' books right now: View all 21 comments. Jul 01, Dd rated it really liked it. Now this book was certainly NOT what anyone would call "perfect". In fact it was as perfect as Pearl Harbour was watchable No disrespect meant for the fans-if there were any! The main characters too ,of course, had a TON of flaws. Jason-the sexiest man alive-the hottest movie star-had an ego exceeding the size of Texas.

He simply could not picture that any ordinary mortal would not fall to his feet and start worshipping him. Cocky,too full of himself,arrogant,rude Taylor-the never loses a single case attorney-successful,smart,stunning,strong -was a little bit too self-assured,serious and certainly thought a lot. She had her fair share of ego and acted a bit too immature at certain points.

The story was quite shallow at many parts with no real depth to it. Few stupid parts dragged on and a few good parts ended in a blur before it could be savoured. The characters ,especially Jason, at certain parts surprised me with his sweetness and capacity to love. After a long moment, Jason spoke first. I can see it now—Taylor Donovan and Associates. I see our first fight as a married couple is going to be a big one. He gave her an affectionate kiss. Until, through the darkness, she heard a low, sneaky whisper. She opened her eyes and, for a long time that night, watched Jason as he slept peacefully by her side.

Only because she wanted to be sure she had gotten in the last word. This was a re-read. I'm sorry, I have to drop some stars. I must have read this a couple of years back when all I was reading was straight romance, chick-lit even.

My reading tastes have changed and progressed over the years and, while I enjoyed the story, there is no way it is a five star read. I think that is what I gave it back in the day. This author is still and auto-buy for me. I preferred her FBI series. At least there is bit of mystery and suspense in them Ah, well!

Thought Jas This was a re-read. Thought Jason was a bit shallow I will still download her new book when it releases. Mar 14, Denisa rated it really liked it Shelves: Ok, maybe this book doesn't really deserve 4 stars, but I've been unlucky with books lately so I'm just happy to find a pretty good one. The characters were really funny and sweet and yes, the story was predictable, but it was really well written. It was one of those hard-to-put-down books. It's definitely worth a try if you're looking for a light, sweet, funny read.

View all 5 comments. Jun 13, Emily May rated it really liked it Shelves: A 4 star rating is always a positive thing, especially with me because I have a tendency to be annoyingly picky over little things in books The story is about a Ch A 4 star rating is always a positive thing, especially with me because I have a tendency to be annoyingly picky over little things in books The story is about a Chicago lawyer, Taylor Donovan, who is sent to work with a Law firm in Los Angeles and then ends up getting roped into working with Hollywood's hottest actor - Jason Andrews. Jason is working on a part for his latest film where he will starring as a lawyer and wants Taylor's help in order to perfect the role.

He cannot believe it when Taylor seems immune to his good looks and charm, when every other woman in the world wants more than anything else to sleep with him. His reputation in the press shows he's only too happy to oblige. Okay, so this means the guy's really arrogant, conceited, pigheaded and often just plain annoying. There are plenty of stories where it all comes out that the tabloids got it all wrong and that the actor is actually a kind, caring individual with more to him than the large amount of notches on his bed post. I never really got that with Jason.

The redemption of him just didn't seem to work and if I was in Taylor's position and knew what she knew about him at the end, I would never have ignored my previous concerns in favour of trusting him.

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The novel would have been better if we'd been led to fall in love with Jason's personality, this seemed like an area that was never tapped into and I finished reading wondering if he actually had one. I also couldn't help but dislike the fact that Taylor gave up her partnership opportunities as a lawyer to be with an arrogant, oversexed actor.

She seemed to all of sudden change from Ms strong-and-independent into Ms screw-my-career-if-I-can't-be-with-him and it wasn't a particularly smooth transition. I enjoyed the novel and I really love Julie James ' writing style of sarcastic humour and quickfire bantering. But I wanted more from this book and I feel unsatisfied by the conclusion. I want a male character I can like as much as the female lead does, I want character development that makes sense and I want more sex.

Yes, that's another thing - I like smut with my romance, I'm not going to lie to you. This book had exactly 1 sex scene and it went something like "And then Taylor reached for his belt buckle I've said in other reviews that I don't care if it's not overly descriptive, but come on, at least give a little detail. Dreamfever isn't descriptive like, say, a Lora Leigh novel, but it is damn hot!

View all 3 comments. Oct 07, Samantha rated it really liked it Shelves: As always, with a Julie James book, I am filled with nothing but squees and rainbows upon finishing. View all 6 comments. May 17, Mojca rated it it was amazing Shelves: Boy, am I glad for my latest crazy book-shopping spree that led me to this little gem of a story. I loved the feel and the style of it.

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It was quirky, a little eccentric, hilarious, fast-paced, sarcastic, yet serious and Boy, am I glad for my latest crazy book-shopping spree that led me to this little gem of a story. It was quirky, a little eccentric, hilarious, fast-paced, sarcastic, yet serious and sad at the appropriate moments. I absolutely adored the characters. Taylor with her sarcastic defense system and that huge emotional scar she absolutely refused to acknowledge, yet it shaped her point of view and impacted everything she did and say, almost causing her to make the biggest mistake of her life.

Kudos for her logical, lawyer-y brain for once in a lifetime being right and put its foot down. Oh, what to say about Jason. At first he was "a typical movie-superstar prick", but oh so slowly Taylor got to know him better, the reader got to know him better, and before you know it, we were both in love with the guy. Okay, so he was a jackass, especially the stunt with his co-star, but he did it for a good cause his cause. And when he finally decided to go with the flow and turned the charm up a notch…Ooh.

Two thumbs up for the portrayal of the other part of Hollywood as well, the other side of Jason, beside the movie star. These two complete opposites worked perfectly together, creating a wonderful couple…And a wonderful love story. A highly recommended read. The author truly did one hell of a job with this one and Ms. Jan 16, Nisha rated it it was amazing Shelves: I thought I outgrew these types of books, but no.

This was really good. The hero started off as an arrogant prick but he definitely grew up near the end. The way Jason thinks is hilarious, because for being 38 years old, he's still a kid. The heroine is one smart cookie. I love her, especially during her cross-examinations. The pre-trial thing was so fun to read. Taylor is really tough and holds her ground against Jason quite skillfully. The dynamics between them was very e I thought I outgrew these types of books, but no. The dynamics between them was very enjoyable, though quite cliche.

Somehow, cliche is not always a bad thing. Super awesome, worth a read and I want to buy this. Karen White turned this into a winner for me. Where I was iffy about the book when I read it back in and didn't care much for Jason, or Taylor, Karen White changed my overall reaction to them. Suddenly, and incredibly to me, I was entranced by the sparks that flew between the two and enthralled by the developing romance.

The audios are both comfort listens, goos for going back to when I feel I need a perk0-up. I bought one romantic suspense narrated by her can't remember which and it was awful to my ears because I seem to have typecast her. She sounded odd in the serious romantic suspense because she was still speaking with that slight lilt to her voice and using the same cadence she does with Julie James' book. Needless to say, it was a DNF after in less than ten minutes. Parts of it were downright terrible and parts were delightful. I'm giving it four stars because, in the end, the good parts won.

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While I found Taylor's personality rather contrived, Jason Andrews, the said sexiest male in this book, was too much of a jerk to be a romance hero, even one in a romantic comedy. For most part of the book, Jason displays the kind of spoilt, juvenile behavior even Paris Hilton would be ashamed of. Still, the story was engaging enough for me to keep on reading though I did skip the part where Jason taught Taylor how to play crap in Las Vegas - borrrinngg.

I was sufficiently interested enough to stick around and find out if the author could redeem her leading man. I did feel, at times, as if Ms James worried way too much that her readers might not get what she's trying to say and so she needs to explain as if writing to kids. And no prizes for guessing who her hero is modeled after.

He's been named sexiest man of the year three times, has blue eyes, blond hair, the top movie actor at the moment, has a passion for architecture which is self-taught and his face graces the gossip mags covers week after week. Hordes of paparazzi follow him like bees after honey and if that's not enough, the name-dropping might help - Brad Pitt is mentioned two or three times, Angelina Jolie, Clooney, even Jen and Vince in case we still don't get it.

If you can stomach the Hollywood drivel and stick around long enough, Jason does show his better side. Whether he can maintain it in tinseltown for the next six months, that I am still not convinced. Mar 07, Leah rated it it was amazing Shelves: However, I had never really paid much attention to them when I was in the bookstore.

And let me tell you, I'm glad I did; I definitely should have read this sooner. Just the Sexiest Man Alive is one of the best debut books that I have ever read. Often, first books are rough and can end up being worth only about three stars, but this book was fantastic. It had me laughing from the get-go and, at some points throughout the book, I was even in tears.

See a Problem?

I think it's safe to say that Julie James rocks. Plus, she's from Chicago so she has to be awesome. When I started the book, I wasn't sure how I was going to feel about the characters, what with it being a debut book and it being my first Julie James and all. But I love Jason and Taylor. Jason was so cute and adorable and funny and sweet and awesome. I seriously wants him. Taylor too was awesome. She was ballsy, blunt, and bold. She made hilarious comments and had extremely entertaining inner-monologues. I also loved Jeremy, Jason's loyal best friend. I couldn't help but think that it would certainly be very interesting if Jeremy starred in his own book.

Not that I liked Scott, a. The Asshole, at all but I liked what I felt he represented. The Asshole's presence in the book really showed the pettiness of people in Hollywood. That's not to say that all people in Hollywood are like him, but I loved how realistically said pettiness was portrayed through The Asshole and his compatriots. The one thing that I didn't feel was really played out to its full potential was the Daniel thing.

I kept expecting him to show up or something. I hated the guy on principle and because Taylor was punishing Jason for Daniel's mistakes, so I was kind of hoping he would make at least a brief appearance aside from the flowers and the infamous card. Despite The Daniel Thing, I definitely thought this was a great book and I completely anticipate anything from Julie James in the future and, frankly, she has become an auto-buy.

Because I realized that the one person who could break my heart is the only one who should have it. I think that I've been waiting for you to come into my life for a long, long time. View all 22 comments. Jul 10, southpaw rated it it was ok. Taylor Donavan is an up and coming star attorney in a prestigious Chicago law firm. Jason Andrews is a Hollywood superstar who has been voted the Sexiest Man Alive, three years running. Her new boss has also given her a small assignment on the side.

She must work with actor Jason Andrews to help him prepare for his upcoming roll in a legal thriller. The heroine, Taylor Donavan is the star of this novel, with everyone else Taylor Donavan is an up and coming star attorney in a prestigious Chicago law firm. The heroine, Taylor Donavan is the star of this novel, with everyone else hero included having very little existence.

While it is easy to see and feel the witticism of the heroine, the remaining characters are dull and lifeless. The author simply does nothing to bring them to life. In one particular instance, the author indicates a certain scene will take place with a secondary character involving the heroine. This scene is continuously built up throughout the book, but never comes to conclusion. You keep waiting for a showdown that never happens.

Last, but certainly not least — the ending does not flow smoothly. While it does have a happily ever after, it is choppy at best. The only reason for two stars is the witticism of the heroine, which is the only thing I enjoyed about this book. As it turns out I hate books about actors. Hell, I can say that I actually hate actors in real life.

Most of them are egocentric assholes. So yeah, not much patience with this one. She really puts me off. Anyway, I hated both Jason and Taylor. The story was boring, unoriginal, tasteless and uneventful. Why do people love this? Why so many five stars? Why an average rating of 4. Barely, but I did. I would like more character depth, a more interesting story and better humor. I guess this is where me and Ms.

Kiss my ass I say. Feb 08, Elodie rated it did not like it. I only have one thing to say: Well, this was a fun read! There were so many things I didn't like about this book you would think I didn't even enjoy reading it. Hero's a condenscending, arrogant, self-centered prick, who never heard the word 'NO'. Movie star man-ho extraordinaire. James make him likable is beyond me. On the other hand, he was actually very adorable when the heroin Well, this was a fun read! On the other hand, he was actually very adorable when the heroine brought him down a peg or two.

He was very loyal to the people he cared about and overall I really liked him. He had eyes only for the h from the get-go and that helped a little. The heroine is a typical James' heroine. Strong, independent, sarcastic, loyal The only issue I had with her was that she had a problem with the H's celebrity status, but then went out with another actor who was also famous. I actually cheered her for kissing the OM, bc of the stunt the H pulled to make the h jealous. He had it coming. I even teared up once or twice.

View all 15 comments. Oct 07, Inge rated it liked it Shelves: When she is transferred to L. He is voted Sexiest Man Alive three times in a row.

And he is hot. But he is also pompous, arrogant, spoiled, and annoying. Used to always getting what he wants, Jason decides to seduce his temporary co-worker, who is having none of it. But will she be able to resist him for good? This was a fun book. I had fun following Taylor and Jason around. I sure do appreciate a nice, sarcastic comment. However, the characters lacked a certain depth for me. It was all a bit too convenient — Taylor Donovan is a hot lawyer. She has also never touched a Seventeen Magazine, but she knows how to dress hot and to do her make up so that she looks hot.

Everyone whispers about how hot she is. Her hair is hot, her lips are hot, her boobs are hot, her legs are hot, hot damn she is hot. How could anyone ever be good enough for her? Because did I mention she is hot? All the girls and all the women are fawning over him because he is hot. Hot, hot, hot, hot, hot, hot, hot. But of course, Taylor is different. And smutty old me liked it just fine. Of course, I wouldn't want a steady diet of these books -- my mind was screaming for a description of naked body parts and some kind any kind, please??

In retrospect I'm thinking the only reason this story actually works is because there's no sex in it. The heroine, Taylor, was great, and I thought Jason was actually a pretty realistic portrayal of a spoiled movie star. A complete prick in the beginning, beginning to come down off his pedestal by the end. A fun way to spend a couple of hours, pretending you're a high-powered LA attorney hanging out with the Sexiest Man Alive. Apr 05, Nina Life of a Bookworm rated it it was amazing Shelves: I felt like both Taylor and Jason could have been explored more as characters.

I wanted more introspection and talks about their life, family, etc. It would be nice to get some more dimensions with both of them. I find it weird that the family aspect of Taylor was dropped after her first mention of how much she appreciated her family. So are they close, are they not? Taylor at least, as a character, I can tell she is driven and confident and she kicks ass at court. He does somewhat develop to be more thoughtful and sweet as he falls in love with Taylor. We did not get to explore his family we do not even know if he has a family or the reason why he chose acting as a career, or his goal in life, or anything else really.

More talks, more developments, more getting to know each other, more moments. I would like to minimize the theme of female rivalry that both Jason and Taylor sometimes subtly promote. Like why does that even matter? It is cute at times and I think the ending is rather satisfying, but the characters and romance needed a little something more. Taylor kisses Scott a few times, but it was kinda like whatever to her.

But before he met Taylor, he was a pretty swarmy player. The ending was pretty cute too. Some mentions of sexual content but no explicit details. Nov 29, Julie rated it it was amazing Shelves: Lately, my reading list has included mostly Urban Fantasy titles and Paranormal Romance titles. A change in direction if you will.

Just the Sexiest Man Alive

So I searched my book closet and noticed my Contemporary Romance pile sitting there looking very lonely. I looked at it and smiled. I closed my eyes and took out the first book I touched. I had heard wonderful things about this author so my expectations were quite high.

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And on top of that I expect a lot from the Contemporary Romance books I read. The story has to be light enough and fun. It must also be sexy and smart. Just the Sexiest Man Alive is about Taylor Donovan, an attorney from Chicago who specializes in sexual harassment cases. She wants to become a Partner in her firm she will be eligible for this in two years and Taylor is anxious to prove herself.

But really she was only given the illusion of having a choice. Then she finds out who she is to mentor. The biggest most famous movie star in the whole entire world. She has her professional life planned out, but has not really put any thought into her personal life. Then again, it comes second so why focus on it at all? I loved her wit.