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Because of poor health, I am very restricted in destination. If I could go anywhere it would be here.

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Well done on this post -- lovely to see hotel promoting healthy eating --stayed in that area last year fabulous beach would love to go back again. A serenade in the rain or a good excuse to get under the covers?

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With over 50 stays at Porto-Bay hotels in Madeira, a holiday on the Island is a no argument, for many different reasons. On their last stay at Vila Porto Mare, in October, we had the pleasure of interviewing them for our blog.

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And, we are thrilled to share it with you. I have a true passion for what I do and would love to help you and your family achieve better sleep.

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How did I get started? When I first began caring for infants I knew very little about infant sleep.

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In I did around-the-clock care for a family with twins from the day they came home from the hospital. By the time they were 6 months old their sleep patterns were very sporadic.

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Despite my skepticism, the mom hired a sleep consultant to help. To my disbelief, within a few days they went from waking every hour at night to sleeping 12 hours each night and taking age-appropriate naps.

My doubt was gone and now I had to know more! Over the next couple of years I read several books on infant sleep and gained experience by working with more families with newborns.

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