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September 30, Song s featured: October 28, Song s featured: Retrieved from " http: Nico Nico Douga List. Before adding translated or subbed videos, please read this tutorial to avoid listing gravely mistranslated ones. Kagamine Len , Kagamine Rin.


This song has entered the Hall of Fame. Hitoshizuku-P gives thanks to the painters. Yamashizuku's second song to have entered the Hall of Legend.

An angel and a human girl fall in love for each other. The second chapter to the Himitsu series. The main story told from Miku's point of view.

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A tragic love story about two courtesans in the pre-modern Japan. A battle of two who once were inseparable. The story of a girl and a boy living in mirrored worlds. The second chapter of the Karakuri Series.

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The third chapter of the Karakuri Series. Yamashizuku's first song to have entered the Hall of Legend. Brotherhood Video Game Alphonse Elric voice. Axis Powers - Paint It, White! Arashi wo yobu oira no hanayome Tamiko.

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Gyokuza o Tsugumono Vansu-jo no Ketto Tatakai no Tenshi TV Series Mametchi - Hi-mi-tsu! Lovelyn no kokuhaku Show all 11 episodes. Show all 17 episodes. Shitou no Hate Ryuu no Ichigeki Bukiya to Koutetsu Hime Kiba no Ansatsu Mono Well, See You Again! Ashita no omoide" Summer's Day Dream! Show all 35 episodes. TV Series short Taiga Aisaka voice. Covenant of the Plume Video Game voice. Denwa o kakeru Neumann Japanese version, voice. Show all 21 episodes. Video Game Haruka voice. Uketsugareshi idea Video Game Estel voice. Mametchi Japanese version, voice.

Facing a New Adventure!! Search for the Hot Spring!! Show all 25 episodes.

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Prelude for Destruction Mail Japanese version, voice. Ralph Fitzlard Deon de Lac Japanese version, voice. Show all 18 episodes. Show all 13 episodes. Premium Collection Video Alphonse Elric voice. Conqueror of Shamballa Alphonse Elric Japanese version, voice. Show all 51 episodes. Futari no hibi Totsuzen no wakare Unmei No Saikai She hides her true agenda from the Soldats, even her most trusted advisers, until the end. Altena led the Soldats to believe that she wanted Chloe and Kirika to be the True Noir, to enforce the will of the Soldats.

However, she believed that Mireille and Kirika would enact her true plan, to destroy the Soldats. Altena's plan was not fully successful because Mireille did not target the Council at the end of the series. Noir is the French word for "black". In Noir , it is known as the name of the two maidens who govern death. Pictures and sculptures of the two maidens can be seen on Mireille's father's watch and on Soldats' churches.

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To the underworld , it is known as the "One Thousand Year" darkness of Europe. According to Altena's story, when the Soldats went under, two hands were left on the surface, so their ancient task is to retrieve the two maidens known as "Noir". Of all the three, Mireille was the only who was predicted to be neglected, and Kirika probably is the only who can turn into True Noir. For Mireille's personal sidearm, Mashimo wanted a gun with "a more modern image", therefore the production staff decided on the Walther P The assassins in black suits that are sent after the protagonists throughout the series all carry the SIG Pro , which at the time of production was the newest model of its line, while other members were given increasingly older weapons, depending on the member's rank.

According to producer Shigeru Kitayama , Kotono Mitsuishi 's voicing of Mireille was a continuation of the working relationship they had from creating Excel Saga , where Mitsuishi voiced the protagonist Excel. Victor Entertainment has remastered the series from its original 35mm elements and released a Blu-ray Disc version on February 19, in Japan. Like many of studio Bee Train's other works, the Noir soundtrack was composed by the acclaimed Yuki Kajiura , accompanied by primary vocalist Yuriko Kaida, secondary vocalist Yuri Kasahara , and Kajiura's band See-Saw. The series makes use of two pieces of theme music.


Victor Entertainment published a single and three original soundtrack albums for the series. Coppelia's Casket by Ali Project , was published on May 23, Original Soundtrack I and Noir: White in Black , was released on November 7, A possible live action feature based on the anime series has been planned for development by the cable television network Starz. The Legendary Journeys , Xena: Warrior Princess , Legend of the Seeker are the executive producers for the project.

Stephen Lightfoot was serving as executive producer and writer but was replaced by Sean Jablonski. In June , Starz gave a greenlight to the show with a straight to series order. The number of episodes of the first season has yet to be determined, though some speculated it will likely be in the episode range. Newtype ranked Noir second in its top 10 list of anime of the year Anime News Network 's Theron Martin, ten years after the show's original run, commented that Noir "was at least to some degree an influential title" and "is still recognized as one of the preeminent titles of its type because it redefined what a 'girls with guns' title could be.

He named Mireille and Kirika "one of anime's most iconic female teams" along with the Dirty Pair and credited Kirika as "a precursor of the moe craze that came along later in the decade. He lamented repetitiveness in action sequences and excessive reuse of scenes especially in early episodes as well as the absence of blood in light of the show's high body count. He showed himself unimpressed with the animation quality, but lauded the show's good looks, in particular those of the environments. He named the "tendency for repetitiveness" of its first half as the soundtrack's "only real flaw" and praised the pieces "Salva Nos" and "Canta Per Me" as "stand[ing] among the all-time great anime themes".

About the English version, he commented that the "casting choices fit and match up well against the original performances" and that the "script stays tight enough to avoid garnering any accuracy complaints". In conclusion, he said "the series works in the ways that it is supposed to work and should keep viewers thoroughly involved through to the end.