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It made our job easy. The script that we signed up for and the script that we shot are pretty much the same thing. We brainstorm ideas, then break down the story. And we always focus on character first. Jim is the slightly more neurotic one and tends to obsess. So we surrounded ourselves with talented people with strong work ethics who could help fill in the blanks.

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On the tech side, people like our amazing director of photography, John Bailey, were there to educate us, which made it a great learning experience. They got most things in one or two takes. They knew where to put the camera. They knew how to tell the story. They knew what they wanted to get out of a performance. They speak the language of actors and they quickly got up to speed on the technical aspects, because they made sure they had support systems in place. We wanted people that we respect as actors, obviously, but who also have a reputation for being cool, collaborative people.

That was very important to us as first-time directors. They were all drawn to a great story and these two talented guys. Working with directors who are also actors is always easier I think. He is unbelievably funny. He could improvise comic bits all day and also handle the more serious moments; Owen really recognizes himself in Duncan.

Life is just non-stop giggles for him. He decides to teach the kid to take more chances and carpe diem. Like a lot of comedians, he developed a veneer of silliness to push away any real feelings. The full complexity of her character is not revealed until later. We needed an actress who would embrace that. Toni can do anything. Pam is coming in as an outsider to this world of people who have gone to the same beach houses with each other summer after summer. Toni gives Pam resilience and confidence in who she is, combined with a certain fragility and insecurity about being alone. This is funny and heartfelt and filled with incredible dialogue.

More than anything, she wants a family and a father figure for her son. Her boyfriend Trent makes her feel wonderful when he wants to, so Pam closes a blind eye to his worst behavior. I was so excited when I knew I was going to work with him again. You want a Trent you can believe Pam wants to be with. When we started talking about the character, we were thinking about going in a very different direction for Trent.

Then we put together a list of some outside-the-box choices. Steve Carell was at the top. Steve had the courage to jump into the role, which might have intimidated someone else. Steve understood that he starts and ends in the same place, which makes him a kind of tragic figure, trying to be a better person, but always failing.

I wanted to know why he acts the way he does and part of the fun was finding that. Liam James, who plays Duncan, is very serious and focused. He had a real handle on the character. The script had wonderful dialogue, as well as great, meaningful pauses. Once he meets Owen, everything starts to change. Owen is not so much a father figure but a real friend. Not to mention, I loved every scene I had with Sam. In addition to being on screen almost constantly, the character undergoes a radical transformation over the course of the story.

I had to dance with these other kids who were all really great dancers. I just had to get in there and let loose! They are there for each other as a friend in need. She had two long monologues, both done in one long shot, and she nailed them every single time. He has the potential to spice it up a little bit.

Betty is a hilarious hot mess of a woman whose husband has deserted her and their three kids to be with another man. Allison was not afraid to be hard and inappropriate and reveal way too much, and yet the audience still sympathizes with her. Allison knew it backwards and forwards. We did it all day and the first take was as good as the last. It was very intimidating, but they say so much without speaking that it helped me get through the scene. I would follow them into the ocean. I ruined more than one take laughing with him. Every note we gave him, he completely got.

At the table read, I was laughing so hard because she brought all this sass to her lines. It was hard to keep a straight face in a scene with her. I figured, like father, like daughter, so I borrowed a few things from him. I think people will catch on. They cast an old friend and fellow Groundling Maya Rudolph, as the-no nonsense water park employee who has everything under control except her own love life. Her relationship with Sam is one of the highlights of the movie.

I was lucky to have her to set me up for a lot of the jokes. Corddry was already familiar with the script, having read it when it first began circulating in Hollywood. He plays around with his boat and drinks a lot. He has the complex task of spacing riders. My director side was constantly yelling at the actor side to do better. It was great to be able to be on vacation on the weekends, and then come to a set on Monday morning.

And the people who live there were wonderful. He was bowled over by the possibilities. Our prep time was seriously limited, but we were able to find all the locations we needed in just a couple days. The neighborhood became ground zero for the production. They would applaud after a scene as if they were watching a play. It remained open to the public all during shooting. We tried to be aware that the people around us were there to enjoy the day.

What it adds to the production value is awesome. Faxon and Rash found themselves scrambling to get production underway. I was really impressed and surprised by how well they adapted to the protocols of being film directors and the rigors of the shoot. Ann Roth, our costume designer, has been nominated for four Oscars and won one. And our production designer, Mark Ricker, is one of the best in the business. She had this idea that Betty was like some of the women she grew up with at the shore in North Carolina.

I just let her dress me. Every outfit tells a story. We supported every page of it. He just wants to be treated as an adult and eventually that is what happens. Carell concluded a seven-season run in the Americanized adaptation of Ricky Gervais' acclaimed British television series "The Office," earning five Emmy Award nominations for Best Actor in a Comedy and one, as a producer, for Best Series. Proving her amazing ability to transform into the characters in which she plays; Collette has since starred in a variety of intriguingly diverse roles both in television and feature films throughout the last two decades.

The biographical film centers on the relationship between director Alfred Hitchcock Hopkins and his wife Alma Reville Mirren during the making of PSYCHO, the controversial horror film that became one of the most acclaimed and influential works in the filmmaker's career. This sleeper hit, which also stars Greg Kinnear, Steve Carell and Alan Arkin, is about a dysfunctional family hell bent on getting their little girl to win a beauty contest.

Collette earned an Academy Award nomination for her performance in M. John Corbett and Brie Larsen co-starred in the comedy. The show ended after three seasons in Collette resides in Australia. Additionally the film was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Picture. Janney was last seen on Broadway in the musical 9 to 5, for which she earned a Tony nomination and won the Drama Desk Award. An American Girl Holiday. Rockwell recently completed production on several features including David M.

Macy, Jeffrey Wright, and Melissa Leo. An adaptation of the Matthew F. Jones novel, A Single Shot is the story of a dark and deadly game of cat and mouse, prompted by the tragic death of a young girl. Rockwell plays a wild-game poacher who makes a fatal mistake that leaves him with a suitcase full of blood money and hardened killers on his trail.

The film premiered at the Berlinale Film Festival. Most recently, Rudolph teamed up with musician Gretchen Liberum to form the female-fronted Prince cover band, "Princess. James currently resides in Vancouver. Individual Short or Episode. Season Five will debut this summer. The Sundance Film Festival is featuring three films in which Corddry stars, making him one of the few actors in history of the festival to have as many starring roles in showcased films. The half-hour single-camera comedy will be written by Simeon Goulden, creator of the Sky1 series on which the ABC effort is based.

I due, che scrivono insieme da molto tempo, debuttano alla regia con una sceneggiatura originale ricca di umorismo sincero ed echi di vacanze estive passate e presenti. Nello stile per cui Jim Rash e Nat Faxon sono conosciuti, la scena si tiene sul filo di un esile equilibrio tra commedia e pathos. La sceneggiatura, che per anni aveva ronzato intorno ad Hollywood catturando parecchia attenzione, alla fine era stata inserita nella Black List del , il leggendario compendio delle migliori sceneggiature non prodotte. Gli adulti di questa storia stanno riempendo i loro vuoti con le cose sbagliate.

Il copione per cui abbiamo firmato e quello che abbiamo girato sono praticamente la stessa cosa. E come prima cosa ci focalizziamo sempre sul personaggio. Quindi ci siamo circondati di persone di talento con una forte etica del lavoro, che potessero aiutare a riempire gli spazi vuoti.

Giravano la maggior parte delle scene una o due volte. Sapevano dove posizionare la macchina da presa. Sapevano come raccontare la storia. Parlano la lingua degli attori e si sono aggiornati rapidamente riguardo agli aspetti tecnici, assicurandosi che i sistemi di supporto fossero al loro posto. Penso che se capisci a fondo la performance e sai come parlare agli attori, sarai un ottimo regista. Volevamo persone che rispettavamo come attori, ovviamente, ma anche che avessero la reputazione di essere disinvolte e collaborative.

Era davvero importante per noi, che eravamo registi per la prima volta. Erano tutti attratti da una storia splendida e da questi due ragazzi pieni di talento. Non sembra riuscire a trovare il coraggio di agire quando si tratta di lei. Pam entra da estranea in questo mondo di persone che sono sempre andate nelle stesse case al mare tutti insieme, estate dopo estate. Deve essere credibile che Pam voglia stare con uno come lui. Poi abbiamo fatto un elenco di scelte fuori dagli schemi. Steve Carell era in cima alla lista. Steve ha avuto il coraggio di cimentarsi nella parte, cosa che probabilmente avrebbe intimidito qualcun altro.

Fin dalla loro prima conversazione, Carell aveva compreso fermamente il personaggio di Trent, a detta di Rash. Sta per conquistare la sua indipendenza in modi assai dolorosi e anche in alcuni molto divertenti. Quando abbiamo visto che anche la sua interpretazione corrispondeva alla nostra idea, abbiamo capito che lo avevamo trovato. Fa morire dal ridere. Una volta incontrato Owen, tutto inizia a cambiare. Non tratta Duncan come un bambino e lo fa uscire dal suo guscio. Per non parlare del fatto che ho adorato ogni scena in cui ero con Sam.

Oltre ad essere quasi sempre presente sullo schermo, il personaggio subisce una trasformazione radicale nel corso della storia. Dovevo ballare con questi altri ragazzi che erano tutti dei ballerini eccezionali. Sono due amici pronti a supportarsi nel momento del bisogno. Sta lottando per adattarsi alla separazione dei suoi genitori e preferirebbe essere con suo padre. Iniziano a diventare amici. Allison lo conosceva a menadito. Lui invece ha compreso appieno ogni appunto che gli abbiamo fatto. Hanno scelto una vecchia amica e collega del Groundlings, Maya Rudolph, per il ruolo della seria impiegata del parco acquatico che ha tutto sotto controllo tranne la sua vita amorosa.

Ha reagito talmente bene al copione che a un certo punto ha detto che avrebbe interpretato qualsiasi ruolo. Credo che Caitlin vorrebbe essere come lui e per questo vive attraverso di lui, anche se rende il suo lavoro doppiamente difficile. Armeggia con la sua barca e beve molto. La mattina si fa un Bloody Mary e continua a bere tutto il giorno, quindi ha sempre un colorito piuttosto acceso. I nostri tempi di pre-produzione erano veramente limitati, ma siamo stati in grado di trovare tutte le location necessarie in un paio di giorni.

Applaudivano dopo ogni scena, come se stessero assistendo ad una rappresentazione teatrale. Avevamo degli stagisti vestiti da impiegati e li facevamo circolare, in modo che non si fermassero a guardare e basta. Faxon e Rash si sono fatti in quattro per dare avvio alla produzione. Sono rimasto molto colpito e sorpreso da come siano riusciti ad adattarsi al ruolo del regista e alle sue regole, e dalla precisione delle riprese. Io ho lasciato che mi vestisse. Ogni completo racconta una storia. Dopo aver ottenuto un primo riconoscimento per i suoi contributi come corrispondente al "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart," programma di Comedy Central vincitore di un Emmy, riesce con disinvoltura a partecipare a programmi TV di prima serata e ad avere successo nel mondo del cinema.

Gli sforzi e i successi di Carell come attore, scrittore e produttore lo hanno portato in modo naturale a creare la sua casa di produzione, la Carousel Productions. Grande sorpresa del , il film incassa oltre milioni di dollari in tutto il mondo, primeggiando le classifiche di 12 paesi nel primo weekend. Il successo continua, e il film supera i milioni di dollari di incassi nel mercato DVD nordamericano.

Il film ha superato i milioni di dollari in tutto il mondo. Il film ha ottenuto un successo mondiale strabiliante, incassando oltre milioni di dollari. Tra i suoi film precedenti ricordiamo: I progetti passati di Toni evidenziano il suo gusto raffinato come attrice. Il film parla di due sorelle molto diverse tra loro, Rose Toni Collette , una donna in carriera e Maggie Cameron Diaz , concentrata solo sulla vita mondana, che non hanno niente in commune tranne un 38 e mezzo di scarpe.

La Collette ha ottenuto una nomination agli Oscar per la sua interpretazione nel dramma psicologico di M. John Corbett e Brie Larsen sono stati suoi co-protagonisti nella serie. Sta prestando la sua voce per il cartone animato della Dreamworks MR. Di recente Rockwell ha partecipato a diversi film tra cui il thriller di David M.

Macy, Jeffrey Wright, e Melissa Leo. Adattamento del romanzo di Matthew F. Sam interpreta un cacciatore che dopo un fatale errore si ritrova con una valigia piena di denaro sporco di sangue e dei killer incalliti sulle sue tracce. Doctor in Angloamerican and Hispanicamerican languages and literatures. In , I did an internship at 20th Century Fox Italy, where my responsibilites involved also: Italian Dubbing and Translation of texts; Translations for Press Office interviews, reviews, comments, critical feedbacks, synopses, websites and Editing of translated texts dialogues; pressbooks , I continued to collaborate with them as a Freelance translator and I translated film pressbooks.

Over the past few years I have translated films and texts of various genres: Now I'm working in a TV Production Company based in Rome, called Stand By Me srl, where, in addition to my responsibilities as Assistant Producer, I deal with foreign people and I do some translations and proofreading like emails, interviews etc. Diligent and attentive to detail, I always work to achieve the goals that I set for myself in the best and most efficient way.

Francescas Aria ur Francesca da Rimini Rachmanoniv 2. Tu puniscimi, O Signore ur Luisa Miller 5. Casta diva ur Norma Bellini 7. O nume tutela ur La Vestale Spontini 9. Giordani's voice and musicianship are handsome indeed What really sets this recital apart is the compelling conducting of Steven Mercurio. He, who gives the silences full value and has affection and understanding for the phrasing, scores a bulls eye Opera News Marcello Giordani, tenor. Marcello Giordani - Tenorarior 1.

Un ange, une femme inconnue ur La favorite Donizetti 4. Nel furor delle tempeste ur Il pirata Bellini 5. Per te di vane lagrime ur Il pirata Bellini 6. Torna, vezzosa Fillide Bellini 7. La mia letizia infondere ur I Lombardi alla prima crociata Verdi Quando le sere al placido ur Luisa Miller Verdi Janez Lotric - Tenorarior Giuseppe Verdi 1. Di qual tetra luce Ah si, ben mio ur Trubaduren 3. Forse la soglia attinse ur Maskeradbalen 6. Di rigori armato il seno ur Rosenkavaljeren R Strauss 8.

Ah, non mi lasciar, o speme di vendetta ur Wilhelm Tell Rossini 9. Come un bel di maggio ur Andrea Chenier Giordano This recording, with a superb cast expertly directed for television, vividly brings to life an opera that The New Yorker hailed as "A beautifully crafted work, brilliantly molding Alcott's tale into operatic form," and The New York Times dubbed a "masterpiece".

I was looking at the ceiling Alice Goodman's epic libretto and John Adams's distinctive music weave together a colorful fabric of actual events from President Nixon's historic visit to the People's Republic of China with intimate examinations of the opera's real life characters. Robert Aldridge and Herschel Garfein's operatic adaptation is a 'marvelous amalgam of toe-tapping accessibility' Opera News full of hymns, gospel songs, marches and dance, evoking the period in a score which echoes Gershwin and Copland. This all-American production combines a first-rate cast of singers and a world-class orchestra for 'an intoxicating experience' The New York Times.

Cyrano de Bergerac While best known today for having composed the ending to Puccini's unfinished Turandot, Franco Alfano wrote some dozen operas, including Cyrano de Bergerac with a libretto by Henri Cain based on Edmond Rostand's drama of the same name. It is a moving tale of romantic misunderstanding, swashbuckling bravado and heartbreaking loyalty, in which the eloquent Cyrano feels unable to express his love for Roxane because of his famously protuberant nose-except on behalf of his handsome but inarticulate friend, Christian.

And it suits him splendidly Soprano Sondra Radvanovsky was luminous as Roxane, her passionate outbursts showing off her powerful upper register to good effect". French, English, Spanish Running time: French, English Running time: The rarely recorded La Spinalba ovvero Il vecchio matto Spinalba, or the Mad Old Man is a comic opera which follows the buffa tradition of intrigue and romantic complexities, and is filled with superb cantabile arias as well as a rich variety of original and dramatic orchestral effects.

Polly Pepusch's ballad opera Polly, composed in to John Gay's libretto as a sequel to their highly successful The Beggar's Opera , never reached the stage owing to government censorship. In , Samuel Arnold completely renovated the score, which established his reputation as London's preeminent theatre composer. With its melodramatic tale reuniting Polly Peachum and Macheath in the West Indies and ending in Polly's marriage to the 'Indian prince' Cawwawkee, this 'island paradise' opera was a huge hit and remains enormously entertaining today. From its spectacular opening scene depicting the triumphant return of Columbus to Barcelona from his discovery of the New World, to the tormented delirium of the great explorer's death-bed scene, The Death of Columbus is an intensely moving opera, filled with lyrical melodies and imaginative orchestration.

This is a landmark addition to Naxos's highly-praised series of Balada's music. No scene is more vividly portrayed, though, or more memorable, than the moment when Judith opens the fifth door to behold a vista looking out over all Blubeard's domains. One of the most spine-tingling moments in twentieth-century opera, a violentlydissonant wave of sound transfomrs, in an instant, to a massive C major chord in the full orchestra. This recording was made after the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra's end-of-season concert, described by The Times as 'a spectacular finale Alsop inspired the Bournemouth players to excel'.

A recording that surpasses all recent sets of the piece by virtue of the all-round excellence of its cast and its vital conducting Michael Halasz Aria - O war' ich schon mit dir vereint Marzelline 3. Aria - Hat man nicht auch Gold beineben Rocco 5. Kvartett - Er sterbe! Pizzaro, Florestan, Leonore, Rocco Duett - O namenlose Freude! Heil sei dem Tag! This comes close to being a giant-killer among Wozzeck recordings; I have a few reservations but I admire this new version greatly and recommend it heartily Carl-Johan Falkman's singing of the role is Leif Segerstam's handling of the score is admirably pointed and flexible I cannot imagine anyone who loves this opera being disappointed by this newcomer; at its price the phrase 'super bargain' hardly does justice to it The high-calibre cast, headed by Burkhard Fritz as the temperamental Renaissance artist and the year-old Latvian soprano Maija Kovalevska as Teresa, the woman with whom he tries to elope, is conducted by Valery Gergiev who 'pulled out all the stops.

He whips the Vienna Philharmonic into a delirium similar to that which possibly took hold of the composer'. Der Standard This is French grand opera at its fast-paced and spectacularly-staged best. English, French, German, Spanish Running time: English, French Running time: The French genre of opera-comique had arisen in the eighteenth century as a Gallic counterpart of the Italian opera buffa, injecting an air of contemporary realism into operatic form.

The success of operetta in the nineteenth century offered a challenge to the form, which retained the characteristic of the German Singspiel, spoken dialogue taking the place of the recitative of opera seria or French grand opera, but increasingly lacked power or conviction. While nineteenth century French audiences at the Opera-Comique might find in Micaela a recognisable character, Carmen, a vicious outcast from decent society, was not the ideal heroine for popular family entertainment.

Based on Goethe's Faust and the eternal struggle between Good and Evil, Mefistofele is the pinnacle of Boito's compositional achievement and has retained a place in the operatic repertoire. This performance features artists of the highest standing and was well received by critics: Prince Igor highlights "Prins Igor" anses vara en av de mest betydelsefulla ryska operorna. Albert Herring Complete 2 CD I hope we're not too early 3. The first suggestion on my list 6. Is this all you can bring? Beggin' your pardon 8. Bounce me high, bounce me low Sid, I'm sorry You forgot to pay for the herbs Good morning, young man We bring great news to you Think of that, my lad!

Interlude - Isn't he here? For three precious weeks That's a fine sight for sore eyes! Quickly, quickly, come along! I don't think you ought 2. Quick, here they 3. I'm full of happiness 5. Magnificent, your Ladyship 6. Fascinating, Mr Mayor 7. To make our thanks complete 8.

Albert the Good Sounds like Sid serenading Heaven help those Fast asleep, poor kid Akt III What the hell d'you think I am? Threnody - In the midst of life is death I can't remember everything I didn't lay it on too thick, did I? At Night CD 2 1. Colloquy and Soliloquy 2. There is also a luxuriant, shimmering quality to Rappaccini's Daughter and Obsidian Butterfly , both based on texts by Octavio Paz Rappaccini's Daughter boasts a passionate, extended love scene, and Obsidian Butterfly is quite a tour de force for the soprano, Encarnacion Vazquez, and might be heard as a kind of study for the final scene of Florencia Gli amori d'Apollo e di Dafne 2 CD - A chorister at St Mark's in Venice under Monteverdi, Cavalli became organist at the Basilica in and was to win a reputation as a leading composer of opera for the new commercial opera houses of Venice in the generation after Monteverdi.

Cavalli's opera deals with the god Apollo's amorous pursuit of the chaste Daphne, who finds refuge in metamorphosis into a laurel tree, to her lover's distress. Set in Cyprus, the plot involves enchanted and pastoral elements, love and its thwarting, the counterpointing of Man and God, sorcery, revelation and ultimate resolution, all accomplished in a brilliant series of scenes. A follower of Monteverdi, Cavalli reveals the influence of the older man but also his own pronounced independence.

Fabio Biondi and Europa Galante have become one of the most admired partnerships in the history of baroque music performance. Italian, English Running time: Wasser und Blut "Born in , Azio Corghi belongs to a generation of Italian composers who are known in Britain only by name, if at all.

The core of his output is music for the stage, and alongside a number of ballets he has written four large-scale operas. Divara - Wasser und Blut, first performed in , was the most recent. It was commissioned to mark the 1,th anniversary of the city of Munster, and the opera is set there during the Anabaptist efforts at producing a collectivist society in the 16th century. The musical language is expressionist, shot through with quotations and archaisms.

Its complexity and eclecticism recalls Zimmermann's Die Soldaten more than anything else. The recording, taken from the original production, certainly conjures up the full intensity of the score. The cyclical passage of time through the four seasons reflects the work's emotional journey, while the story itself is based on an old Swiss legend The Old Woman and the Dead and the music incorporates elements of Swiss folk-music and liturgical chant.

Composer and conductor Ronald Corp says 'the tale is a haunting one and very poignant and I was drawn by the mystical element in the story; I think my music for the opera reflects this'. His opera Lalla Roukh, first performed to huge acclaim in , was the catalyst for the explosion in operas set in the 'Exotic East'.

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The fairy-tale plot revolves around an Indian princess who travels to Bukhara part of modern Uzbekistan to meet the man to whom she is to be given in marriage. Along the way she falls in love with the minstrel Noureddin who is, in fact, the King of Bukhara in disguise. David's evocative and magical orchestration is harnessed to memorable melodies, including Lalla Roukh's deftly harmonised arias 'Sous le feuillage sombre' and 'O nuit d'amour'.

It boasts a fast-moving plot, a strong cast of characters, a brooding Scottish Gothic horror setting and some of Donizetti's most effective and demanding music, making it the most celebrated bel canto opera in the repertoire. While omitting some of its more excessive elements, the libretto by Felice Romani inspired Donizetti to compose superb arias, duets, ensembles and choruses, bringing each act to a stirring conclusion. English, Italian Running time: Laura Polverelli portrayed with elegance and pride the character of Elizabeth, her furies, doubts and jealousies; Maria Pia Piscitelli was a wonderful Maria Stuarda, passionate, sorrowful, proud, dignified when sentenced to death, recalling her past sins yet conscious of her innocence.

This recording is also available on Naxos DVD 2. Marino Faliero Donizetti's fiftieth opera, Marino Faliero, was first performed in Paris on 12 March with a cast comprising four of the finest singers of the period before premiering in London a few weeks later. Elizabeth's subsequent abdication is, however, a matter of dramatic licence, yet provides a memorable operatic conclusion to this tragedy of love and jealousy as she despairs at the death of her lover - Quel sangue versato al ciel s'innalza The blood that is spilt rises up to Heaven. This inaugural production of the Bergamo Music Festival features the Greek soprano and leading Donizetti specialist, Dimitra Theodossiou, and the young American baritone Andrew Schroeder, both in superb voice.

Davide Damiani, baryton Le berger: Goran Simic, bas Phorbas: Marjana Lipovsek, mezzosopran Antigone: Roi Laios, en ta maison 3. Pourquoi trembler, mon fils? Est-ce deja le Roi? Divin Tiresias, tres cher, tres grand 3. After years of ruinous cuts and alterations to the music and the libretto, this recording is the first to restore the opera to the resoundingly successful form conceived by its composer.

And a ridiculously cheap price. Rappahannock County Inspired by diaries, letters, and personal accounts from the s, Rappahannock County is a musictheatre work which movingly and dramatically commemorates the th anniversary of the American Civil War. The location of the Rappahannock River as a border between North and South is a metaphor for the region's many conflicts.

Ricky Ian Gordon's music has been described as 'caviar for a world gorging on pizza' The New York Times , and Rappahannock County has been commended for its 'effusiveness and accessibility' by The Washington Post. His expressive love music, and extended preludes and postludes, add to the theatrical variety of this important and varied opera. Popular with audiences and critics alike, Shining Brow has been hailed as a masterpiece full of fresh ideas, and is frequently performed. It is a delectable succession of pastoral airs, love-lorn lyrics, and sprightly or mourning choruses, spiced by the pungent and unforgettable interjection of the one-eyed giant Polyphemus, who destroys the idyll of the shepherd Acis and the nymph Galatea.

Handel had first turned to the subject in a cantata written in Naples in His English work, formally a masque, went through several stages until the two-act version of written principally by John Gay and graced by Handel's exquisite music. Delle nostre fatiche - Aria: Sovra balze scoscese e pungenti 3.

Signor, gia dal tuo senno 4. Combatti da forte 5. Questi saggi consigli - Aria: Ogn'indugio d'un amante 6. Signor, che delle stelle - Aria: Sulla ruota di fortuna 7. Sibillar gli angui d'Aletto 8. No, no, che quest'alma 9. Infra dubbi di Marte - Aria: Vieni o cara, a consolarmi Furie terribili - Recitativ och accompagnato: Come a tempo giungesti, cara Molto voglio, molto spero Augelletti che cantate Adorato mio sposo - Duett: Scherzano sul tuo volto Al valor del mio brando - Preludium Cara sposa, amante cara, dove sei?

Cor ingrato - Recitativ: Col valor, colla virtu Di speranza un bel raggio - Aria: Siam prossimi al porto 2.

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  5. A quel sasso bramato Recitativ: Per raccor d'Almirena 3. Il vostro maggio de' bei verdi anni 4. Qual incognita forza - Aria: Il Tricerbero umiliato 5. Mio cor, che mi sai dir? Sul bel labbro Amore - Aria: Basta che sol tu chieda 9. Cingetemi d'allori le trionfali chiome - Recitativ: Perfida, un cor illustre Abbrucio, avvampo e fremo Dunque i lacci d'un volto - Aria: Quivi par che - Recitative: La causa che vi spinga 2.

    Qui vomita Cocito - Aria och Recitativ: Andante, o forti 4. Mori svenata - Recitativ: Sorge nel petto 6. Al trionfo s'affretti - Aria: E' un incendio fra due venti 7. Chiuso fra quelle mura - Recitativ: Per fomentar lo sdegno - March 8. In quel bosco di strali - Duett: Al trionfo del nostro furore 9. Di quei strani accidenti - Aria: Bel piacere e godere fido amor Or la tromba in suon festante Miei fidi, ecco la in campo - Recitativ: Goffredo, ecco il superbo - Recitativ: Ecco, german, la cruda A savoury discourse, good Master Bradford Bradford, Tewke 5. Last night came One that paced a - down the stairway of the sky Bradford 6.

    My son, Thou'rt over - ripe for marriage! The willow keep to thatch our sleep Plentiful, Bradford 8. Plentiful Tewke hath catched the preacher! Long Live the Lady Men and Women 4. When the morning stars together sang Lackland, Marigold, Men and Women 5. Let them strike twice, And I will come to thee! Hale her to the village, A prisoner… Tewke, Bradford 9. Bradford, Lucifer, Monsters, Witches and Demons Gird you with Sackcloth Tewke, Puritans Never more shall prayer ravish these lips! Lost sheep are we Puritans, Bradford, Myles Brodrib No witch am I; But one that long ago was happy Marigold Based on an iconic short story by Maupassant set during the immediate aftermath of the Franco-Prussian War, The Greater Good is notable for its sure-footed dramatic pacing and astute use of different techniques and subtle references to a variety of musical styles in order to portray the characters in a variety of moods and situations.

    Didone abbandonata Holzhauser, Theresa, mezzo-soprano Ferri-Benedetti, Flavio, counter-tenor Barna-Sabadus, Valer, counter-tenor Hinterdobler, Magdalena, soprano Celeng, Maria, soprano Burkhart, Andreas, baritone Hofkapelle Munchen Hofstetter, Michael, Conductor One of the outstanding composers of his day, Johann Adolph Hasse was seen as possessing "the same qualities of true genius, taste and judgment" as his librettist Pietro Metastasio. Didone abbandonata represents the once hugely popular 18th century genre of opera seria, exploring the same tragic story as Purcell's earlier Dido and Aeneas while expanding the heroine's conflicts between regal duties, love, and helplessness in the face of desertion.

    For a Look or a Touch Based on the true story of two teenage lovers the Holocaust tore apart forever, the dramatic song cycle For a Look or a Touch casts long-awaited light on the fate of gay Germans in the Holocaust. By noted young American opera composer Jake Heggie and librettist Gene Scheer, the work juxtaposes the exuberant freedom of pre-World War II Berlin with the brutal Nazi horrors that followed, while making an eloquent, poignant plea for remembrance.

    From acclaimed American art song composer Lori Laitman comes The Seed of Dream, a powerful song cycle based on five poems written by Abraham Sutzkever during his imprisonment in the Vilna Ghetto. The lyrical intensity of these poems bears witness to the transcendent power of art in resistance to the forces of cruelty.

    These works were commissioned by Music of Remembrance, a Seattle-based non-profit organization dedicated to remembering Holocaust musicians through their art www. Full of surprises and delights, well-rounded characters and a lively sense of theatricality, Romulus boasts memorable music. Fredegunda 2 CD Regarded in his day as equal to Handel and Telemann, Reinhard Keiser composed more than one hundred operas, of which Fredegund , set partly in German and partly in Italian, was one of the most popular.

    It explores the politically volatile relationships between the sixth century Frankish king, Chilperich, whose ambitious mistress Fredegunda is prepared to use magic to become his queen, although Chilperich is betrothed to Princess Galsuinde and Fredegunda also has a secret relationship with Langerich. This important and entertaining German Baroque opera abounds in melodious, often ravishingly orchestrated, music. They honor the lives and legacy of those remarkable persons — especially children — whose creative work was an expression of spiritual resistance to tyranny. Produced by Music of Remembrance, a Seattle-based non-profit organization dedicated to remembering Holocaust musicians through their art www.

    Down our street a little band Windows, Pepicek, Aninku 2. My ice - cream's so cold it burns! Ice - Cream Seller 3. Gather round the ice - cream seller Windows, Baker, Milkman 4. Hey milkman ring your bell Windows, Pepicek, Aninku, Milkman 5. Everything in life costs money Policeman, Aninku, Pepicek 6. Look at the people Aninku, Pepicek, Policeman 7. Serenade Act II Marty flings the curtains wide Windows Trombone and kettle drum! Yes, That's the Way Things Are Man Proposes, God Disposes Armide 2 CD Armide represents the culmination of the long and fruitful career of Jean-Baptiste Lully, the most powerful musician at the court of Louis XIV and the first important composer of French opera.

    It was an instant and enduring success: Described by Edward J Dent as 'very full of good fun and on the way to Sullivan', Robin Hood is Macfarren's masterpiece, one of an impressive roster of now neglected mid-nineteenth-century British operas, notable for its fine ensemble scenes, witty motifs, and deft, imaginative orchestration. Victorian Opera's recording of Wallace's Lurline 8.

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    Amica From the Festival della Valle d'Itria, Pietro Mascagni explored many different musical styles, from the verismo of his ever-popular Cavalleria rusticana to the sentimental lyricism of Lodoletta. Its extravagant scenic and vocal demands contributed to the opera's neglect until recent times. Set in the Savoy mountains around , Amica is a 'dramatic poem in two acts' involving two brothers, Giorgio and Rinaldo, whose love for the same woman, Amica, culminates in tragedy. While today numbering among his least performed works, Amica was initially a triumph, praised for its 'passionate accent' and 'impulsive sincerity' by a contemporary critic, and deemed 'most worthy of re-evaluation' according to the composer's biographer Roger Flury.

    It shows what might have become of the three men, marooned in their storm-bound tower and overwhelmed by ghostly visions and crazed desperation, creating a dramatic imagining of a story which remains a mystery to this day. Amahl and the Night Visitors Menotti's Amahl and the Night Visitors, the first opera written for television, enjoys more than five hundred performances annually around the world and is immensely popular with amateur groups.

    A crippled boy, Amahl, and his mother are visited by the three Kings who seek the newborn Jesus.

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    Deciding to give his crutch to the Christ child, he is miraculously healed, and joyfully accompanies the Kings to give thanks. Sung in English, brimming with tuneful melodies for both soloists and chorus, the opera is a humorous and poignant Christmas classic beloved by people of all ages. Don Chisciotte alle nozze di Gamaccio was written during the composer's stay in Spain, and is based on a chapter of Cervante's Don Quixote in which the hero prevents the forced marriage of a poor farm girl to the wealthy Camacho. Magnificently entertaining and dramatically innovative, Don Chisciotte combines fashionable Neapolitan style with Spanish folk music elements in an unforgettable melodramma giocoso.

    It is heard on this recording in its first modern performance. Il Crociato in Egitto Meyerbeer created his operas as vast, elaborate woven tapestries-showered with detail and colour-the result of years of painstaking work. One of 19th century opera's long-forgotten major masterpieces, Il crociato was composed at the close of Meyerbeer's Italian phase shortly before he embarked upon his triumphant career in Paris.

    Den handlar om Semiramis, Drottning av Babylon. Dall'Olimpo a noi scendete 3. Dalla Sarmazia sede discendo al grande invito 5. Sogno o son desto? Sperai su questa sponda trovare il mio riposo 7. Signor, perdona se con nome d'amico 8. Siam soli, or parlera 9. Ella e la fiamma mia. Adoro il suo sembiante La scaltrezza che val Mi vedrai con quest'acciaro Egli morra, fidati a me Piu non si tardi In lucido cristallo aureo liquore Di gioia, di pace, la bella speranza D'un genio che m'accende tu vuoi ragion da me?

    Vieni Sibari… E dove? Barbaro, non dolerti, hai tempo ancora 5. Cedi il ferro, o t'uccido 6. Si, fremi traditor 7. Quanto ti deggio amico 8. Ah piu soffrir non voglio quel temerario orgoglio 9. Da questa reggia Mirteo, per quanto io tardi A forza io passero, vo' del cimento Popoli, e vero Se non nacqui al miglior sesso Lilia Grevtzova, sopran; Emily Herrera, sopran. A written explanation of the action between the airs is provided in the booklet.

    Set in an evocative and at times stormy Sherwood Forest it tells of a King's encounter with a humble farmer, blending comedy with serious issues. Its numerous innovations foreshadow Romanticism, making it a milestone in operatic history, with librettist Michel-Jean Sedaine admiring Monsigny's daring in taking "the risk of setting a new genre to music". Idomeneo The notable musicologist Alfred Einstein commented that Idomeneo is 'one of those works that even a genius of highest rank, like Mozart, could write only once in his life'.

    La performance di Susan Boyle in "Britain's got talent" sottotitolata in italiano (anche la canzone)

    Every page of the score deserves appreciation. Magic Flute, The highlights When Emperor Joseph II established a professional wind ensemble or Harmonie drawn from the Viennese court orchestra in , he initiated an influential trend that gave composers an important opportunity to popularise their operatic music. Marriage of Figaro, The highlights Love, seduction, intrigue and comedy provide the confusing situations that has placed Mozart's The Marriage of Figaro among of the most popular of all the comic operas.

    It is a work that abounds with plots, many just a little absurd, but each contributing to a brilliant theatrical score that has to end up with happiness for everyone - well almost everyone. With a sparkling overture, a series of superb arias, including Voi che sapete, Non piu andrai, and Porgi, amor, and a stunningly beautiful duet scene, E Susanna non vien, this is a work full of the best known moments in opera, conveniently gathered here on a disc of highlights. Ultimate Mozart Opera Album The This marvellous selection reveals Mozart's astonishing gift for laying bare the inner lives of the many beloved characters from his most famous operas, whether embroiled in farce or defying fate.

    Naxos have done it again. Once more they effectively challenge the hegemony of more prestigious companies that sell their wares at full price While Pacini's version is scored for chamber orchestra and draws on arias from his other operas, many of which were doubtless family favourites, it nonetheless demands bel canto singing of the highest order particularly for Don Giovanni, Zerlina and Ficcanaso.

    For this recording Pacini's manuscript score and the original performing parts, as well as the partially preserved hand-written libretto, were used as the basis for reconstructing the entire work. This is not only its first recording but the first ever public performance. The libretto sets up a typical late eighteenth-century opera buffa plot full of intrigue, buffoonery, disguises and cases of mistaken identity, which may be summarised as "about preventing an old fool from making an ill-advised marriage and stopping his heir from gaining his rightful inheritance".

    Guru, completed in , is a work of similar stature. Ostensibly it concerns mass suicides in a cult, reminiscent of the Jonestown suicides, but Petitgirard's pleas for humanity, and against manipulation, are expressed with tremendous, very personal power, and compelling theatrical immediacy. The composer conducts a gripping performance of this fine opera Sunday Telegraph Nathalie Stutzmann, alt m fl. Opera Lafayette's production of this comedy revue is a 'sparkle of shining surfaces'. Boheme, La highlights "Naxos is practically giving this set away, so I strongly advise you to go out and get it.

    Giacomo Puccini - Gianni Schicchi 1. Ai miei cugini Zita e Simone 4. E non c'e nessun mezzo Firenze e come un albero fiorito 7. Quale aspetto sgomento e desolato! O mio babbino caro 9. Nessuno sa che Buoso ha reso il fiato? Era eguale la voce? Ecco la cappellina Ecco il notaro Madama Butterfly highlights "Yordi Ramiro, gives as likeable, sincere a version of the character as any.

    Dissatisfied with the result of his work, Puccini wrote three versions, with two different endings, and continued to make further revisions up to his death in Tosca highlights "Nelly Miricioiu, who is the finest Tosca I have seen on stage. She sings with tremendous ease Giovanna Casolla, sopran; Lando Bartolini, tenor m fl.

    Perduta la battaglia 4. O Cina, o Cina Ho una casa nell'Honan O mondo, pieno di pazzi innamorati Gravi, enormi ed imponenti Un giuramento atroce mi costringe In questa reggia 2. Nella cupa notte 3. Guizza al pari di fiamma 4. Tre enigma m'hai proposto 8. Cosi comanda Turandot Tu che guardi le stelle Tanto amore, segreto e inconfessato Tu, che di gel sei cinta Diecimila anni al nostro Imperatore!

    Ultimate Opera Album The Puccini's fascination with exotic locations, doomed heroines, high drama and tragic romance are brought to centre stage in this immensely moving selection from his greatest operas. O mio babbino caro 2. Firenze e come un albero ur Tosca 3. Tre sbirri, una carrozza 5. Vissi d'arte, vissi d'amore 6. E lucevan le stelle ur Manon Lescaut 7. Donna non vidi mai 8. In quelle trine morbide 9. Sola, perduta, abbandonata