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From this resort, from any angle, you can enjoy for hours the me Read more [ They are close to the coast line, and they are part of a renovated facility which has as a view of the beautiful sea. These th Read more [ Its location is quiet, among olive trees, just two minutes walking distance away from Gaios central square and one mi Read more [ Paxos Center is an apartment in central Gaios, a few feet away from the sea, and just a few more from the town square.

Paxos Map | A complete travel guide on Paxos island, Greece

It has easy access to some of the most central parts on the island; anything you m Read more [ In Mongonissi is a dive spot that requires much experience and suitable weather conditions. The point is characterized as Blue Pot. The reason is that at the bottom you will have the opportunity Read more [ On the north side of the island, you can find beach Orkos. A beautiful beach with clear blue water and white pebbles.

Paxos, holidays in Greece

The olive and cypress trees bordering the road up to the beach. It is quite Read more [ Nature shows its power and creates beaches! In after a landslide Hermit beach was created in the center of the western side of the island. It is a spectacular beach, located amongst towering Read more [ In an old stone mill of the 18th century, just outside the village Magazia, is situated the Olive Museum.

There you have the opportunity to learn the secrets of oil production, as well as the cultural Read more [ Church of Agion Apostolon in Gaios, belonging to the Tranakas and Youlios families, is in the catalogue. A lovely church, it has notable icons and a magnificent belfry built in In Bogdanatika opposite the church of the Blessed Virgin Mary begins a narrow but easy to cross, pleasant and short path. Between stone-built fences and walls, passing first by villas and traditional h Read more [ A beautiful path that leads to one of the most steep cliffs of Paxos with an altitude of 45m.

One of the most ideal places to watch the sunset, and savour the endless sea on the west side and the Read more [ The cistern is build on the edge of the Read more [ Agios Spiridon on Kaltsionisi, of Jorji Anemogianni listen in , restored in At the painting of Virgin Mary was brought here by the citizens of Veliantatika that came to the island Read more [ The bakery locatesat Vlahopoulatika and Read more [ The first jewelery workshop that opened in Paxos is situated in a beautiful alley in Lakka.

At the jewelry store of George Apergis, you will find authentic handmade jewelry. What is the philosophy of t Read more [ For any style of clothing you need, from swim wear and clothes for the sea to formal dresses, Mezoura is here to help you with anything you may need.

Just take a stroll down at the store; right next to Read more [ The Paxos Market is located next to the bus stop in Gaios. It offers a variety of products such as vegetables, fruit, meat fresh and frozen cheese large cellar and free delivery. Up until today the bakery is located in the area Magazia and it operates two stations in Gaios. It still uses the traditional oven that Read more [ The Super Market Giorgos operates since and is centrally located just a few steps from the main square of Gaios in Paxoi.

Is the most constant in the daily diet of the inhabitants and also the tou Read more [ The Paxos Island Sea is a fishing equipment products shop, that deals both in diving and underwater fishing species and surface fisheries products. For those wishing to turn their stay in Paxos into a wonderfully relaxing experience, the services provided by Dimitra in the Holistic Healing Center are among the best you could enjoy.

A health proble Read more [ They provide full services in Read more [ On Kloni Gouli beach located 1. Moving around the island of Paxos, despite its small size, can be a little tricky. One of the best solutions you can find is a UTV. The UTV buggies are for two people. They are automatic, simple to dr Read more [ If you are at Paxos for your vacation looking to leave all the stress from your daily routine behind you and spend some time of relaxation and calmness, to empty your mind and charge your batteries, th Read more [ Explore the beautiful island of Paxos with our car rental company which is located in Lakka.

By car you can visit the picturesque villages of Gaios, Loggos, Magazia and Fontana as well as Mongonisi to Read more [ Our company is located in the centre of Gaios near the bus stop since There are a number of paths that wind and twist amongst the surrounding hills that take you past tranquil olive groves, ancient churches and are blessed with incredible views. If you yearn for a peaceful holiday where you can become submerged in traditional Greek life in a place of sheer beauty, the town of Lakka will certainly tick all the right boxes.

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Admire the yachts After a mouth-watering traditional Greek meal you could spend the afternoon admiring the many yachts that gently bob up and down in this curved harbour. Shopping Lakka and the island of Paxos in general might not be known for its shopping but with a couple of quality craft shops you can expect to pick up some quirky Greek souvenir or gift in Lakka to take home and remind you of your holiday on Paxos. Fantastic walks The tree-covered hills and emerald headlands that surround Lakka are also waiting to be explored. As for the early hours, Gerry claims the Excel charter flights almost guarantee holidaymakers arrive on time.

It's hard to remain grumpy about the journey, however, when you have left the overcast hubbub of Corfu and are steaming into the sun with a beer in hand watching a school of dolphins playing in the ship's wake. The Planos brochure is reassuringly homely, with pictures of the staff, all of whom have been to Paxos, and luscious photographs of the island, complete with turquoise seas and tiny, white-painted tavernas with yellow-and-blue fishing boats bobbing politely in the harbour. Nothing could be that good-looking in real life. It is, believe me. You could hear the assembled gasp from Paxos first-timers as the ferry rounded the island's rocky northern tip and chugged into Lakka.

Our holiday organiser, Mary, directed a team of tough-looking matelots to unload luggage and invited guests to walk or take a short 4x4 journey to their apartments.

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Planos offers a selection of apartments in Lakka, or neighbouring and smaller Loggos, as well as houses dotted round the hillsides, the farther-flung houses get a 4 x 4 thrown in, although the size of the island means you are always less than a mile from the water. We stayed in Sula, an airy, three-bedroom, self-catering flat on the harbour front. Fine in May, but perhaps a bit noisy in midsummer when the harbour accommodates up to 70 yachts from Italy and Greece, as well as braying British yachties on flotilla-sailing holidays.

While the sun will scorch you even in May, temperatures then are not a patch on the well-over 40C highs of late July.

Dissapointing - Ionian Cruises

Few of the Planos houses and flats are air-conditioned, but the sea and the frequent strong warm winds do moderate temperatures somewhat. But British families with young children do come in high summer and don't seem to find the heat excessive. Local requirements and customs are few and don't take much getting used to: Our apartment proved a perfect place to enjoy the tiny port and the balconies front and rear were idyllic vantage points for cool midday eating or aperitifs at sundown.

With firm beds, a ban on traffic in the village at night and active days, sleep came easily, although a turf war between the village ducks, geese and donkey could be noisy at times. You also become acutely aware that Paxos motor scooters seem to work on an entirely different principle to those found in Britain, needing a massive burst of noisy revs between each gear change and before switching off.

We quickly got into the swing.