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Architecture remains a tough profession for women to crack. Confronted with lower salaries, given fewer career-building opportunities and lacking mentors, female architects leave the field in disturbingly high numbers. How bad is it?

In medicine and law, other historically male disciplines, one-third of practitioners are women — nearly twice the rate of architects. Architecture is also overwhelmingly white. Bureau of Labor Statistics. This homogeneity is out of step with the nation's increasingly diverse population, particularly in urban centers. Users of architecture — whether individuals, families or communities — are diverse in their needs and deserve to be served by a profession that is equally rich in its views and practices. For more than years, women have been trying to secure a foothold in architecture.

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In , Mary Louisa Page became the first woman in North America to graduate with an architecture degree. Nonetheless, many architecture schools refused to admit women until the passage of Title IX, which forbade gender discrimination in federally funded education programs. Those who persisted found employers skeptical of their skills and doubtful that they could exercise authority on the building site.

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Bosses also presumed women would quit after marrying, which somehow justified paying them a pittance compared with male colleagues. Today, deeply entrenched biases remain.

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  • Newly formed advocacy groups, such as Equity by Design and ArchiteXX, are making concerted efforts to remove these persistent professional obstacles with symposiums, workshops and research into retaining female talent. They're also creatively using digital activism. In , for instance, two women at Harvard's Graduate School of Design launched an online petition to retroactively award Denise Scott Brown a share of the Pritzker Architecture Prize bestowed solely on her husband and partner, Robert Venturi.

    That attracted attention from major news outlets, and this year the couple received the Gold Medal from the American Institute of Architects. Art magazines and museums have organized Wikipedia "edit-a-thon" events that have produced scores of new articles on women in architecture.

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    And unlike earlier eras of protest, young men are joining in the campaign for a more equitable profession, which they see as their issue too. Photography was first introduced to Japan in the s, via the sole government-approved trading port in Nagasaki.

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    Gillian Wearing makes head-turning videos and photographs revealing the disconnect between our inner lives and public personas. Bring your toddler or preschooler to the Rosenthal Education Center for a morning of art-themed books, songs, and sensory activities. This minute program will get your little one excited about art in a fun and interactive way. Arts of the Islamic World.

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    A partnership with the University of Cincinnati's Classics Department, this exciting re-installation and re-imagination of the ancient world allows visitors to begin their journey through the history of art with the story of ancient Western civilizations with Egyptian, Greek, and Roman objects that are organized thematically for the first time.

    The Cincinnati Art Museum has been collecting Islamic calligraphy since the s. These sumptuous works, with precisely articulated scripts that grace the page, explore the prominence and pervasiveness of calligraphy in the arts of the Islamic world. Calendar Shop Donate Blog Tickets. Arts of the Islamic World Now—January 27, Richly illuminated folios from poetic and historic manuscripts from the ninth through the twentieth century.