Von wegen Spatzenhirn: Die erstaunlichen Fähigkeiten der Vögel (German Edition)

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Text and illustrations are both of high quality and help to deliver an important life lesson in a natural manner. Jeremy wants a pair of black high-top sneakers that all the boys at school have, only to find his grandma refuses to buy him some as they cannot afford them. Jeremy tries his luck and buys sneakers at a local thrift shop even though they were small, giving him blisters.

However something did come out of it when his generosity turns into friendship when he gives the shoes to another child who really needs them! The author Maribeth Boelts is a former teacher and has won several awards for her books, her message of the books shows she understands how children feel and tried to put across a message.

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Empathy is a big message of the book and would be great to use in a classroom. This book is clever and contains a powerful lesson about differentiating about wants and needs and not being materialistic. The only think Jeremy wants in the world is a new pair of shoes that all of his classmates have.

Jeremy feels embarrassed that he cannot afford these shoes. One day, Jeremy's grandma takes him shopping and they find these shoes a thrift store. He wears them to school despite the shoes being much too small. When Jeremy sees a fellow student on the playground with his toes poking out the front of his shoes, he learns a valuable lesson about being selfless and appreciating what you already have.

I think that this book is a great tool to teach students about accepting others and yourself even if you don't have all the cool things that your peers might have. Jeremy commits a random act of kindness and ends up feeling better about himself in the end even though he doesn't have the shoes that he wanted so bad. This is the story of a boy who wants the same shoes as everyone else. All the boys in school have those shoes, and Jeremy wants them too. His Grandma says that there's no room for want, only what you need.

Still, Jeremy wants the same shoes as everyone he sees walking through the halls or in the lunch line. When his shoes break during kickball, Jeremy needs to use shoes from the guidance counselor. He's upset by the childish velcro shoes, even if they were the only ones in his size. The kids in the class laughed at him, except for Antonio. When his Grandma takes Jeremy shoe shopping, but those shoes were way too expensive.

Jeremy suggests the thrift shop, and takes his Grandma there. They search thrift shops, until they find those shoes. They are not the right size, they are way too small. Jeremy buys them anyway with his own money.



His Grandma buys him his needed snow boots, and tries to ignore that Jeremy's shoes are too small because he wanted those shoes so badly. One day at school, Jeremy noticed Antonio's shoes were taped up and that Antonio's feet were smaller than his.

Antonio and Jeremy play and the go to Jeremy's for dinner. There Antonio sees those shoes, but doesn't understand why Jeremy never wears them to school. Jeremy decides to give Antonio his ill-fitting shoes. Snow is falling, so he puts on his snow boots and runs to secretly give Antonio the shoes. It makes Jeremy happy to see Antonio so happy, even if he still has to wear the velcro shoes. But when it is time for recess, there is snow everywhere and everyone has to wear their snow boots.

The story could be anyone's story. It is the tale of a kid who wanted something and was embarrassed that he did not have it. The story showed realism in the way the Grandma reacted to the price of the popular shoe, the small details of shoes held together by tape. It's a reality that not everyone is completely familiar with, but it's a known reality none-the-less. The story was one of moral dilemma, as Jeremy wanted the shoes but he knew that Antonio needed them more, and could actually fit in them.

The multicultural elements of the story come into play with Jeremy and his Grandma and the classmates at Jeremy's school. Jeremy and his Grandma are Black, and the illustrations in the story show the different features of his classmates0 their skin color, hair color, etc.

This is not only an example of multicultural literature, it also shows realism by reflecting the different demographics found in most communities. The story begins with Jeremy and his love for the black shoes with a white stripe. The shoes were his dream, everyone had them and he wanted it.

One day at recess, Jeremys shoes break apart and he is forced to use left-over shoes that were stranded at school. Everyone made fun of Jeremys school shoes, but he had no choice but to wear them. After a couple of days, Jeremys grandma begins to notice how upset he is so she offers to go see how expensive these important shoes are.

Three thrift shops later Jeremy finds the shoes he wanted, just a little too small. Jeremy forced his feet into the shoes, bought them with his own money and attempted to stretch the out as time went on, but sadly they did not. The next day, his Grandma bought him new black snow boots for the inter season that was coming up. That recess they played ball and Jeremy invited him over for dinner. That night Antonio noticed Jeremys shoes that did not fit him, and loved them just as much as he did.

Rather than being selfish, Jeremy was able to separate his own wants and provide to someone who needs it. This selfless act is important for children to understand especially in society nowadays where people are so concerned with physical objects. Teaching children to be empathetic and caring towards others with expecting nothing in return is a pivotal lesson every kid should grow up knowing.

The story starts with a young boy dreaming of a specific pair of shoes, staring at a giant poster for Those Shoes. He tells his grandmother that he wants them; she reminds him that he needs boots. He then describes all of the children at his school that have Those Shoes. The guidance counselor has to give Jeremy a pair of shoes because his broke while he was at school. All of the children laugh at him. Jeremy is obsessed with the shoes!

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Grandma takes Jeremy to the store to see if they can get the shoes but they are too expensive for her. Jeremy recommends going to the thrift stores. Jeremy doesn't even wear Those Shoes to school because they are too small. The art is chunky, flat and solid. The art also fills the page, edge to edge. The plot of the story is a young African American child who lives with his grandmother, longing for something they cannot afford but ultimately realizing he has what he needs; friends, love, and even snow boots. This is also the theme or the moral; knowing the difference between your friends and the difference in what you want and want you need.

The story is a nice one to read to school age children that would understand the lesson being conveyed. The book is realistic and something that most people will be able to relate to, longing and acceptance is something everyone goes through at some point. The little boy in the story really breaks down when his own shoes fall apart, and he has to visit the guidance counselor to pick out shoes from a box. The new shoes that he selects are too young, according to the boy, and many him feel even worse.

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When the little boy begs his grandma for new shoes, she agrees to look at the resale shop to see if they might have a pair of the shoes he desperately craves. Unfortunately, they are too small. The boy buys them anyways.

In the end, the little boy gives away his favorite new shoes to a boy in his classroom who is also in need of new shoes. Giving away what he adored most in the story is a touching moment for the reader, and makes the main character feel proud. This book would be useful for students of any age, because the story has so many levels. However, when you look deeply into the story, the book talks about poverty, difficult decisions, jealousy, and being selfless.

The voice in the story is also very strong! I really enjoyed reading this book and its many purposes! It would be a great fit for reading, writing, or even character development. Jeremy is a child who needs a new pair of shoes. He wants his grandma who I assume is his sole guardian to buy him "those shoes" that everyone at his school seems to own. When the guidance counselor gives Jeremy a pair of "kiddie" shoes, he is embarrassed and all but one of his classmates laughs at his shoes. Jeremy's grandma takes him shopping only to discover she can not afford the shoes. Jeremy later finds the shoes at a thrift store but they are too small.

At the end of the story, he chooses to give the too small dream shoes to the classmate who had torn up shoes but a big heart! Those Shoes by Maribeth Boelts is the perfect book for any elementary student! Perfect for introducing a plethora of topics such as socioeconomic diversity, character feelings, and ideas of family. For kindergarten and first grade, I would use this book as a read aloud and a great way to introduce many social studies units using simple vocabulary!

Family and community It talks about shopping at a thrift store, living in a household where the guardian is a single grandparent, friendship, and bullying.

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For grades second through fifth, I would use this text during "Read to Someone" Daily 5 and have students answer questions about the character's feelings and how they changed over the course of the story. This book could also be used as a mentor text preparing students to reflect on a time when they wanted something but could not have it or a time when they shared their personal belonging with someone else.

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