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Crackdown's skills make few concessions to realism: This concept is further highlighted by the comic book-like graphics. Skills are usually improved by gaining experience orbs, which are released from defeated enemies. The type of orb released varies, depending on how the player dispatched the foe; for instance, killing an enemy with a gun will earn Firearms orbs, while running them over with a vehicle earns Driving orbs.

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More powerful enemies release more experience orbs. However, Agility orbs are awarded differently: The player can also compete in "rooftop races"—a race through a series of waypoints across the rooftops of Pacific City—or car races to gain Agility and Driving orbs, respectively.

A few special orbs, well-hidden, increase all character abilities when found.

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A final way to collect orbs is by first earning Xbox Live Achievements, which rewards the player with orbs from every skill category. Each skill has five levels,—beginning with zero stars, and ending with four—with a numeric gauge on the display to indicate how close the player is to the next level. Should the character die, or injure civilians or Agency peacekeepers, their experience gain will be slowed, making it temporarily harder to improve the character's traits.

The entirety of Pacific City may be explored from the start of the game, allowing the player to locate the hideouts of each General and Kingpin, which can be made easier by accessing supply points scattered around the city. Once a supply point is unlocked, the player has the option of returning there to travel to any other supply point, restock on weapons and ammunition, or drop off newly acquired weapons, to permanently add them to their weapon selection.

Crackdown 3

Should the player die, they can respawn at any open supply point. While exploring, the player is likely to come across enemy resistance, with the aggressiveness based on how badly the player has damaged that particular gang recently, similar to the "wanted level" system for police used in Grand Theft Auto 3. If the player is too aggressive against the non-gang residents of Pacific City, including the Peacekeepers, they are flagged as rogue, and Agency hit squads are dispatched to take them down.

Crackdown features an online two-player cooperative play mode that allows drop-in play. Both players may explore the city freely, with the other player's position noted on the HUD map. Players can fight alongside each other, and also inflict friendly-fire damage. The state of the city, including which Generals and Kingpins remain, is determined by the host player's progress. Both players are credited with the defeat of a General or Kingpin in the game,—which will affect the state of the guest's progress—but are required to obtain supply points and gain experience independently.

Co-op players can race against each other in both rooftop and road races, should they both choose to participate. Crackdown was envisioned to exceed the gameplay of Grand Theft Auto, giving the player "toys" to create their own in-game moments that could be verbally shared with others.

Realtime Worlds had hired a number of former Grand Theft Auto developers who experimented with refining the game's sandbox element. Microsoft subsequently increased the maximum number of Achievements in a game to Through playtesting, the team noticed that many players performed certain out-of-the-way actions, such as climbing to the top of the Agency Tower. An initial fear of Jones' was that in the early part of the game, when the Agent is underpowered, the player may not realize the potential of the game and would not complete it; "People weren't quite sure, because at that level, you're kind of like most characters in most other games".

Jones also expressed concern that "This game does not look good in screenshots". They took two major steps to overcome this. First, the demo for the game on Xbox Marketplace allowed for accelerated growth of the player's abilities. Second, the full game included five in-game movies that would be presented early on to the player that would give them a taste for what a fully-powered character could do.

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Wilson stated that development of the game began in with a target release in on the original Xbox. Nine people were involved in the initial development for twelve months with plans to expand to 35 during full development. By February , they were able to provide a playable demo, but recognized there were still several challenges with the game's progression.

For example, the team introduced "skills for kills" where skill points were only rewarded for killing foes instead of allowing the player to gain them by less risky opportunities. They also included the frequent reporting of the player's current chance of success for a player of defeating a Kingpin to prevent the player from being frustrated by trying to fight Kingpins beyond their level.

By , Microsoft brought the team the Xbox hardware and suggested moving the game to that system, with a release date in the spring of The sequel takes place 10 years after the events of the first game. The Cell's leader and former Agency scientist named Catalina Thorne released a deadly strain of "Freak" virus that infected many citizens and turned them into mindless monsters called Freaks.

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The Agency tried to stop this epidemic by building Project Sunburst, a weapon that used sunlight to destroy Freaks. However, the Cell took control of Project Sunburt's generators before the Agency can unleash it. This forced the Agency to send out their newer and better equipped Agent to combat both the Cell and the Freaks. The Agent then sacrificed himself by jumping into the helicopter's blades, severely damaging it and forcing Thorn to retreat. Project Sunburst successfully destroyed all Freaks in Pacific City and the place was finally safe at last.

A post-credit cut-scene showed Thorn surviving the crash and studying a Agent's hand.

A third game is currently in development by developer Reagent Games with directions from the original game's creator David Jones. Crackdown 3 takes the series back to its roots of fighting criminal syndicates, with Microsoft Studios' creative director Ken Lobb asserting that the game will be set in the future of the first game but represents an alternate timeline from what Crackdown 2 provided. With the intent of going beyond the sandbox gameplay made popular by Grand Theft Auto , developer Realtime Studios spent time with various testers, as well as former developers from the Grand Theft Auto series , in experimenting and refining the genre, with the use of additional content, items and rewards.

Players can choose different races for their Agents, and the sequel added the ability to customize their armor's color. Being a genetically enhanced human being gives the Agent various skills, namely " Strength " punching and lifting power , " Agility " jumping and movement speed , " Driving " handling vehicles , " Explosives " creating explosions , and " Firearms " shooting ability. Upgrading strength and agility increases the Agent's physicality, while upgrading Driving, Explosives and Weapons unlocks new vehicles and weapons.

The Agent is also covered in high-tech armor that has a rechargeable shield that protects him from damage. The armor also evolves as the Agent upgrade his skills, becoming more thicker and bulkier. Crackdown 2 improved upon this gameplay by allowing the player to unlock new armor abilities such as a ground and pound ability that causes powerful shockwaves , a charge ability, and a wingsuit and thrusters that gives the Agent the ability to glide.

Multiplayer is also available in every game that uses the same gameplay elements in single-player. The first Crackdown game offered players cooperative gameplay of up to 2 players. The series is known for its artistic use of cel-shading visuals together with its rich color palettes, stylized ambience, and crisp and strong real-time shadows.

Ruffian Games used a more advanced crowd system, which allows more NPCs to be in the game while not affecting its play flow. Each game soundtrack is made up of licensed music from a variety of commercial, independent and video game musicians. Crackdown's music supervisor Peter Davenport was allowed by Microsoft to select music from any source for the game.

Deciding to give it an electronic "dark and ominous" vibe, he personally selected music from Amon Tobin , Atlas Plug , Celldweller and Hybrid that he put in each mission and premise. A webcomic titled the "Pacific City Archives" was also released by Microsoft to accompany the worldwide release of Crackdown 2. Copyright Microsoft Studios. Crackdown 3 is a registered trademark of the Microsoft group of companies.


Crackdown 3 Available February Skills Level up your super-Agent skills to jump over skyscrapers, hurl trucks at your enemies and fight like a boss. Dangerous open-world playground Play with up to four-friends over Xbox Live to take out a violent criminal empire and use the city as a weapon against your enemies. Crime claps back Lure vindictive crime lords out of their strongholds by roughing up their street soldiers, attacking criminal operations and taking out high value gang captains. Join the community Check out the official community site for the latest news, behind the scenes interactive fan content, and a more in-depth look at the world of Crackdown.

Crackdown Gameplay

Game details Time to step up your boom and stop crime as a super-powered Agent in Crackdown 3's sandbox of mayhem and destruction. HDR functionality available with supported games and TVs.