Death in Dahab

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A US withdrawal could open Trump up to criticism if Daesh reemerged. Trump has previously lambasted his predecessor, Barack Obama, for the withdrawal of US forces from Iraq that preceded an unraveling of the Iraqi armed forces. Updated 18 October Hide comments Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus. Sudan urges UN to double South Sudan regional force.

Former Sudanese president Siwar Al-Dahab dies in Riyadh | Arab News

Saudi scouts to take part in Arab jamboree in Sudan. Updated 13 min 46 sec ago. US weighs complete withdrawal of troops from Syria. Show comments Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus. US accepts Assad staying in Syria — but will not give aid.

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Remember you are in Egypt, in the middle of the desert. Make sure you do not have to make that trip lying on the back of a pickup truck. Key takeaways and things you should remember before Diving the Blue Hole in Dahab. Be a safe diver and do not let the Blue Hole in Dabab become your final resting place.

Sudan: former President Abdulrahman Siwar al-Dahab dies aged 83

Let us know in the comments below. Rutger is an avid scuba diver and loves to travel, dive and write about scuba diving. Based in Amsterdam, he at least twice a year plans a dive trip of the beaten track. This article is published by The Scuba Page, the online magazine for Scuba Dive lovers around the world. I came to the exact conclusion as well some time ago. Great write-up and I will be sure to look back later for more news.

Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Divers typically convulse, lose a regulator, inhale seawater and drown. One diver, who still comes to Dahab today, first dived the Blue Hole in The strip that is today a paved corniche lined with hustlers-touting seafood restaurants, stalls selling the backpacker staples of hippie pants, cheap sunglasses and flip flops, dive stores advertising fun dive packages and guesthouses offering free dorm beds for divers was then a beach with a few Bedouin huts.

I dived for twenty years with no training.

Fedhealth IMPI #4 Cape Town 2018

How did he feel? Dived within PADI recreational limits, The Canyon is an exhilarating drop through a narrow entry into a stark, architectural underwater gorge. You can rest on white sand at around 30m, looking up at the blue sky or a full moon, or explore a dark world of gothic overhangs populated by ghostly clouds of glassfish. Back in , two Egyptian divers lost their buddy diving the Canyon wall on air. At around 70 metres, he went down — and never came up. Others talk of suicide. The next day, possibly motivated by the Islamic requirement that a body should be prayed over and buried within 24 hours of death, the pair went back to the wall to recover their friend.

I decided I wanted to find my friend. Eventually I found them deeper than metres. It is not only partners who are left grieving.

The Story Behind the Diver Who Accidentally Recorded His Own Death

The mother of James Smith, who died in , aged only 24, still makes regular pilgrimages to Dahab, in memory of her only son. The Arch is an undersea tunnel that extends for almost 30 metres and requires a descent to around 60 metres. Is it insane to attempt it on air? To do it on a single tank would be crazy.

Attempting The Arch with one cylinder, a single reg and a recreational BCD means that any equipment failure is fatal. Further, a single 12 litre cylinder does not hold enough for most divers to complete the required decompression stops after that period at depth.

Descend again to 56m, check everything again. You are on your own on a dive like that. A myth tells of a princess who drowned herself for love, and now sits at the bottom of the Blue Hole, a mermaid, or siren, luring divers to their doom.

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Like the story that it was here, not far from Mount Sinai, that Moses hurled away the golden bull, it was most likely concocted by a Bedouin to entertain tourists. I know that place like my living room. And she would have taken me. The most obvious lure of the Blue Hole? The architectural beauty of The Arch.

You want to have the adventure. In Dark Tide , the wealthy businessman who commissions Halle Berry to take him freediving with Great Whites brags about a near-death experience at the Blue Hole, Dahab. Yuri Lipski, a Russian diver who had qualified as a recreational dive instructor, came to the Blue Hole in He wanted to descend to the bottom of the Blue Hole, to a depth of over 90 metres, on a single tank of air, and film it. What are your qualifications?

When the call came in to recover a body, Omar knew exactly who it was. He was overweighted with 12kg and he was wearing a recreational BCD. Yuri did, indeed, film his descent — and his camera captured his death. The video is now heading towards 10 million YouTube views. When I tell Tarek this, he shakes his head.

Floating in the deep: why do freedivers push themselves to the verge of death?

And you know why I should have flooded that camera? Because now that will be the last sight his mother has of him. I thought that after Yuri, after seeing that video, they would be conservative. Yet, in fact, both Wahab and Omar observe, divers are not being conservative.

Death Barbara Dillinger in Dahab, 110 m Blue Hole. Advanced Trimix TDI

They push it so quick. To make this sort of dive takes planning.