Fun, Cheap, and Easy Bathroom Crafts

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Instantly transform simple store-bought curtain panels and inexpensive fabric One person's junk is another person's treasure -- at least when it comes to Use the new generation of specialty tapes to dress up everyday objects and Decorating is easy and affordable when you build upon what you already have In a house brimming with high-end style and charm you would never guess that a Collected and charming, flea market style can take on a variety different Light up your living space with pendant lamps that shine with personality.

2. DIY Makeup Storage

Bathrooms can be pricey. But you can get an elegant, enviable look for less Does your bedroom need a quick decorating makeover? These ideas are your ticke Update your home's decor with easy decorating ideas that will bring personalit Cheap Decorating Ideas Decorate your home for less with savvy ideas for affordable, impactful updates. Fabulous Furniture Makeovers Uncover the hidden charm of a cast-off piece with a bit of creative thinking No-Money Decorating for Every Room Great decorating doesn't have to cost a fortune -- in fact it doesn't have to Easy Cheap Bathroom Storage Ideas Boost a small bathroom's storage with these budget-friendly organization tips Did you know that adding a frame to your mirror make a big difference?

It creates an illusion of space and works for your vanity. So make this DIY bathroom mirror frame with molding now. Make a super comfy rug from upcycled clothing. This DIY rug project for your bathroom is fun and easy, you can make more for the other rooms.

Want some nice soap for your guest bathroom? Try out this DIY felted soap: Repurpose some wicker baskets into these DIY storage idea that's pleasing to the eyes. Stock your towels and toilet papers into these baskets for a neat bathroom we all dream of.

1. DIY Rotating Organizer

Don't forget to put them in decorative containers and add some fresh scents. Don't you just love a good IKEA hack? Take it to the bathroom with this IKEA toilet paper makeover. Here are two DIY projects that will instantly make your bathroom look so much better. Pick some reclaimed wood in your DIY stash and pick the right size of wood for this project and get working! Add some color to your bathroom with this curtain decorating idea.

Learn how to make roman shades here with a few of these DIY roman shades inspirations. Set the mood with these cute handmade shell candles. Give your bathroom a beach resort bathroom vibe with this easy and nifty bathroom decor idea. Create your own bath caddy from just one piece of wood, and turn your bathroom into an instant spa. Relax and enjoy a spa day with your DIY bathtub tray. Hubby may not approve, but to all single ladies out there, this makeup vanity is a must for every bathroom.

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You can also check out these chic DIY bathroom vanity ideas for your inspiration. Make these colorful bath bombs , not only for bathing but also for your bathroom decoration. Just gluing the frame onto the mirror makes this DIY project easy. If you look in the mirror, you will see that the weathered barn wood was also used on the bottom half of the bathroom walls. By now you should be thinking that even though the bathroom is a utilitarian room, DIY bathroom ideas can create a look that way more than utilitarian. Bringing an outdoor, natural, rustic-look to the floor of the shower is an extension of that idea.

Looking at this shower floor brings to mind a garden path or a stream bed. Buying bags of pebbles and using grout gives you the opportunity to arrange the color pattern of the floor. When you finish, you will have a work of art that you will make you proud. Now, are you ready to dress up the standard, builder-look bathroom fixtures?

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  2. 1. Rustic Wooden Bathroom Storage Ladder!
  3. 22 Awesome Bathroom Decorating Ideas to Inspire Yours!;
  4. You will have shower fixtures that pick up the main or an accent color of your bathroom. Here is another way to add a weathered barn-wood-look to your bathroom by creating a wood valance for your shower. DIY bathroom ideas such as this one may not occur to many people, but it adds character to your bathroom.

    Bathroom Decorating Ideas On A Budget

    The wood valance hides the cold metal shower bar and the wood adds warmth and hominess to your bathroom. You are sure to get compliments for this clever DIY idea. This DIY idea use weathered barn wood as a focal point behind the tub and helps create the feel of a private sanctuary. The wreath and the old window finish off the rustic look in this area of the bathroom.

    This is a easy, inexpensive idea that would give your bathroom a unique look. Use granite-look Contact Paper. It is inexpensive and it provides an overall lift to the look of your bathroom. For a different look, use candle jars as apothecary jars instead of canning jars. Just make sure that you keep the lids when you open the candles. Candle jars still give a vintage feel, but are a bit more elegant and less country.

    For more DIY bathroom ideas, look at all the product containers that you buy as possibilities for repurposing into storage containers, vases, or other home decor items.

    35 Fun DIY Bathroom Decor Ideas You Need Right Now

    This weathered wood wall decor adds a focal point and more character to your bathroom than a towel bar, even an expensive decorative towel bar. What is even better is that this DIY towel rack can be made from inexpensive, reclaimed items. Stencils and paint can help you turn a inexpensive, plain shower curtain into a more unique and expensive looking shower curtain. You can make your own stencils or buy some ready-made at a craft store.

    Design stencils are available as well as letter stencils. Tub caddies are another place in the bathroom where you can add a decorative touch to a utilitarian item with DIY bathroom ideas, and if you are trying for a rustic look, a wood tub caddy is perfect. You can use weathered-look wood or a more finished looking wood. Whichever you choose, your tub caddy will help you create a private getaway in your bathroom. Just buying some paint can change any light fixture from a shiny modern silver look to more of a vintage look.

    A bronze metallic paint will really give a warm vintage look. Then, changing the globes to canning jars will finish the look.

    Even inexpensive, DIY bathroom ideas on small items in your bathroom will add more warmth and character than you might expect it to do.