Imagining Paradise: New and Selected Poems

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New and Selected Poems. A world of poems as populous and diverse as it is ephemeral and evanescent, born of the world and of books and art in equal measure, yielding granite truths and feather truths of people's roller-coaster lives. The poet looks back, facing life and death and everything in between with equanimity, holding a steady hand to the quivering breast wherever there is breath.

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Here in one volume for the first time is the poet's own choices from his nine previous collections, as well as a rich selection of new poems. A Myriad Sounds and Thousandlayered Peaks. Building a House in the Mountains. Morning Sun at Uji. Travel Sketches of Konodai. Zen Poet Han Shan. Han Shan and Shihte. Flaubert at Key West. A Few Words about Rimbaud. PseudoPindaric Ode to Francis Jammes.

Vision del Calle Cruz Rey. Whores in the Club Papagayo. Poem Ut Animum Nostrum Purget. How Many Mangos in Mango Chutney. North Beach Chinese Sonnet. The Season of Truth. Sonnet to a Marble Beauty. Bohemian Cigar Store San Francisco. Letter to Proust No 2. Letter to Proust No 5. Lives of the French Impressionist Painters.

Poem for a Painter. The Surrealists Come to California. Delacroixs Atelier Late October.

Imagining Paradise

For My Winnie at The Negresco. Sleepy Time Down South. A Chinese Note for Mary Lou. Note to a Friend Far Away. Replies to Wang Wei. Monk Gazing at a Waterfall. Huiko Cutting Off His Arm. Reading in the Study in the Bamboo Grove. Sunset in a Fishing Village. Li Po Reciting Verse. The Sixth Patriarch Cutting Bamboo. Clear Morning in a Mountain Village.

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Myna Bird on a Pine Tree. Orchids and Bamboo Beneath the Moon. Owl on a Bare Tree. Skyamuni Descending the Mountain. Blind Men Crossing a Bridge. The Moment of Enlightenment. New Moon Over the Brushwood Gate. Landscape with Traveler and Woodgatherer. Boat on a Windy Sea.

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Bell Tower at Twilight. Horoscopes for the Dead.

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Very Short Stories from Around the World. The Rain in Portugal. The Book of Roads. Burning the Midnight Oil. Voyage of the Sable Venus. The Best Women's Travel Writing Free Verse in Useless Times. Sleeping on the Wing. The Best Travel Writing, Volume The Apple That Astonished Paris. The Collected Poems of Kenneth Koch. Writing Across the Landscape: Love and Strange Horses.

Supplying Salt and Light. The Dance Most of All.

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West of Yesterday, East of Summer. Again for the First Time. A Memoir of Blindness and Listening. The History of Forgetting.

Solo of a Dying Day. Sir Kristian Goldmund Aumann. An Aussie Tanka Poet: Tanka Poems with Pictures.

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Lost and Certain of It. Do the Blind Dream? Memories from a Sinking Ship. The Rooster Trapped in the Reptile Room.