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In a standard business transaction, consumers trade money for goods or services. The costs and the benefits are clear. But add privacy to the transaction, and there is really no way to perform a cost-benefit analysis. The benefit of surrendering the data is clear, but what is the cost?

Does Privacy Exist Anymore? - Adotas

It might be nothing. It might be an increase in junk mail. It might be identity theft if a hacker steals the data.

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Or it might end up being the turning point in a divorce case. Did you buy milk for your lactose-intolerant child?

It's vanishing, but there's no consensus on what it is or what should be done

Yet that one action can set in motion a cascade of silent events, as that data point is acquired, analyzed, categorized, stored and sold over and over again. Future attacks on your privacy may come from anywhere, from anyone with money to purchase that phone number you surrendered. If you doubt the multiplier effect, consider your e-mail inbox.

If it's loaded with spam, it's undoubtedly because at some point in time you unknowingly surrendered your e-mail to the wrong Web site. Do you think your telephone number or address are handled differently? You may think your cell phone is unlisted, but if you've ever ordered a pizza, it might not be. Merlin is one of many commercial data brokers that advertises sale of unlisted phone numbers compiled from various sources -- including pizza delivery companies.

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  5. These unintended, unpredictable consequences that flow from simple actions make privacy issues difficult to grasp, and grapple with. Marc Rotenberg, who runs the Electronic Privacy Information Center and is called to testify whenever the House or Senate debates privacy legislation, is often cast as a liberal attacking free markets and free marketing and standing opposite data collection capitalists like ChoicePoint or the security experts at the Department of Homeland Security.

    Many Americans would argue their right to be left alone while holding a gun on their doorstep. People write e-mails and type instant messages they never expect anyone to see. It took barely a day for a blogger to track down the identity of the congressional page at the center of the Foley controversy.

    Is privacy dead in an online world?

    Nor do college students heed warnings that their MySpace pages laden with fraternity party photos might one day cost them a job. The general defense for such indifference is summed up a single phrase: And it is also impossible to deny that Americans are now being watched more than at any time in history. Without an instant message evidence trail, would anyone believe a congressional page accusing Rep. Foley of making online advances? And perhaps cameras really do cut down on crime. No place to hide But cameras accidentally catch innocents, too.

    Virginia Shelton, 46, her daughter, Shirley, 16; and a friend, Jennifer Starkey, 17, were all arrested and charged with murder in because of an out-of-synch ATM camera. Their pictures were flashed in front of a national audience and they spent three weeks in a Maryland jail before it was discovered that the camera was set to the wrong time. Supreme Court when it wants to discuss a legal point that predates the Constitution.

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    What would he say about a government that mines databases of telephone calls for evidence that someone might be about to commit a crime? What would an acceptable error rate be? That may be a trade-off we are willing, even wise, to make.


    Time to talk about it But there is another point in the discussion about which there is little disagreement: The debate over how much privacy we are willing to give up never occurred. When did consumers consent to give their entire bill-paying histories to credit bureaus, their address histories to a company like ChoicePoint, or their face, flying habits and telephone records to the federal government? It seems our privacy has been slipping away -- 1s and 0s at a time -- while we were busy doing other things. From home robberies to overly-interested stalker types, even for lonely folks looking for friends, there are all sorts of not-welcome potential situations that not-private-but-billed-as-private information could bring.

    Google is in the throes of its own privacy battles, one in particular in the area of online mapping data and information. Nobody seems to know exactly who is doing what or what information is accessible or not. The situation also includes homes being posted online, and the way that Google is collecting information from emails and other personal data.

    Does Privacy Exist Anymore?

    Use At Your Own Risk. From Facebook to Foursquare to Google — and everything in-between — it is more clear than ever that the scope and definition of privacy, and that its related standards, options and settings are changing day-to-day and, in some cases, moment-to-moment. What was thought to be private was not, at least for a spell, private. In this new arena of all-on and all-information all-of-the-time, mistakes are made, glitches are discovered, holes are discovered and not much is truly private anymore.

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