The Gospel Way of Mary: A Journey of Trust and Surrender

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When our pride gets hold of us, we forget our roles outside of the workplace: When fear controls our faith, we fail to submit to Christ and his divine will. And in making excuses, we create barriers between God and us. When we are experiencing success in business and our personal lives are flourishing, do we think about putting the Lord first in our lives?

Is submitting to his will top of mind? Do we thank him? Before answering these questions, consider another perspective, following the words of Saint John Eudes: We may have lost our job or be going through serious financial problems. Maybe our children are struggling with peer pressure at school or a family member is dying.

How would we view Jesus then? When is our trust in him most apparent? In my professional life, I encounter dozens of people each month who are going through career transition, especially in this difficult economy. Many have shared with me that they have turned to our Lord for help in these tough times when they were at their weakest moments. They turn to him when they used to rely only on themselves. The point I am making is we often turn to Jesus when we are in crisis and ask him for help and strength.

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Crisis can be a helpful catalyst to truly and unreservedly surrender to his will, and any means to achieve that end is worthwhile. To give ourselves daily to Jesus Christ, it is important to put our absolute trust in him. What have we got to lose? Only in this friendship are the doors of life opened wide.

Only in this friendship is the great potential of human existence truly revealed. And that is exactly what he did for me. In the second Mass I ever attended in October , shortly after my wife and I made the decision to join the Catholic Church , I went through a powerful personal conversion. I was trembling, sweating, nervous, and felt weak at the beginning of the Mass.

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My family thought I was having a heart attack! This strange feeling lasted for about ten minutes. What happened in those few precious minutes was life-altering. I knew I needed help and that I no longer had the answers. I remember praying silently to God to lead me and acknowledging I was no longer in charge.

GOSPEL WAY OF MARY: A Journey of Trust and Surrender.

When I prayed those words, gave up control, and sincerely surrendered to his will, I felt a surge of strength and a sense of peace that felt like a wind blowing right through me. I had given up more than twenty years of stubbornness, ego, and pride that had been accumulating since I last attended the Baptist church as a teenager. When I humbly surrendered to his will, the Lord gave me strength and a sense of peace I still feel to this day.

Your experience may be quite different from mine. All of us have this in abundance. The good news is there is a cure: The virtue of humility is the best way to counter the sin of pride. Best-selling Catholic author Dr. Pride means playing God, demanding to be God. That is the formula for pride. Humility is not an exaggeratedly low opinion of yourself. A humble man never tells you how bad he is. Or better yet, how do you surrender it?

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I remember very well what my life was like before surrendering to the Lord and putting him first. All I had was family and work, and I was in charge I thought of my own destiny. I thought I was the strong husband and father my own father had been. I thought I was in control. But God had other plans for me, and I know I am not alone.

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  4. Most of us are afraid to surrender, and eventually this fear becomes another obstacle to face, in addition to pride. Fear constantly keeps us from daily surrender, and most often it stems from our pride and ego. And I knew I needed to learn humility. But I was afraid.

    I wanted to keep control. When considering the previous points on pride, did you feel any of these:. More often than not, fear is perceived as a loss; and rather than losing, we try to gain more control. Seriously, how effective are we if we rely only on ourselves for the answers? Now that I live a life in which Christ is in charge, and after having seen the other side, I pray that I never have to fly solo again! But doing that not only means giving up my pride and fear—I need to stop making excuses!

    Often in our busy lives, we refuse to admit the obstacles that keep us from surrendering to God and in return come up with excuses like the following:. It can happen to anyone. This commitment has to be firm and will require persistence, courage, and sacrifice. And when you find yourself making excuses, becoming afraid to let go, or are even trying to maintain control over your life, keep your thoughts and focus on how you can best serve Christ. Please consider your answers as I have many times to these important questions: Now, think about surrendering yourself to Jesus and asking him for help.

    The glory of the Transfigured Christ not only awaited him at his resurrection, it also awaits us at ours. This understanding led St. The three Apostles who would possess such a great responsibility as leaders of the Church at its very institution needed to be equipped to meet the challenge ahead. For a brief moment, Jesus revealed his glory to them, helped them to begin to come to the necessary understanding of just who he is. And thus, we too have that knowledge and the beginning of understanding.

    The four gospels in the New Testament, as well as the entirety of the books of Sacred Scripture, are available to our generation like never before. The cycles of readings for Sunday and daily Masses provide the opportunity to hear nearly all the Word proclaimed in a liturgical setting. The printed texts of the bible are available to most of the literate world. They need to be read, not just with an academic approach, but also devotionally—prayerfully.

    Too often, we become bogged down by losing sight of the context of the particular text and miss the larger picture. So on occasion read an entire Gospel, as you would a novel—and be astonished by the Lord. Our God is the source of all glory. Yet, he chose not to rely upon his divinity as the God-man Jesus went about his work. He first walked the path that he asks each of us to walk—a path of joy, but not one devoid of hardship.

    We are instructed by Jesus to take up the Cross and follow him—wherever he may lead. He not only taught of the glory to come for us, he gave us a glimpse of it, first in his Transfiguration, then in his resurrection and finally in the Assumption of Mary.

    GOSPEL WAY OF MARY: A Journey of Trust and Surrender.

    Yet in all of this, he walked the path of humility and thus asks us to walk the same path. Surrender to Christ does not come to the proud until they too empty themselves in humility. The apostles witnessed the love and mercy—the undying compassion and tenderness of their God—as they accompanied the Lord. He demonstrated this by the way he cared for the downtrodden, the outcasts, the sick, and the forgotten.

    His ministry was one of healing and forgiveness as he revealed the love and mercy of his Father and our Heavenly Father to those he met. If we are to surrender to Christ in difficult times, we must imitate him in ordinary times—welcoming strangers, assisting those in need—whoever they are, and never turning our backs on our own. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am meek and humble of heart; and you will find rest for yourselves.

    Again, Jesus is God and he revealed himself to us. Maybe we just need to remind ourselves of this occasionally. Then listen again to his invitation. Of what are we afraid? Practice a daily examen to assess how well you live your life of faith.